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    Unhappy New Injury

    My nephew (25 years old) had a major car accident 5 days ago with fracture dislocation at C6 and quadriplegia below elbows. He had surgery to fix his vertebral column and it is OK now. I hear about stem cell to help the spinal cord recover. where it is done? is it effective ? and advice where is the best place for that kind of thing? please help me. Thanks

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    There are no current legitimate stem cell therapies available in the USA currently, and even those being done outside the USA are of questionable value. You can post for more information about them on our Cure forum, but anyone who is holding out stem cell therapy as a SCI cure (and charging for it) right now is most likely a charlatan.

    It would help to know where your nephew is (country & state & city) so that we can help you find the best resources for him. It is critical that now he get moved to a specialty SCI acute rehabilitation center as excellent rehabilitation is his best chance to maximize the function he has remaining. Prevention of complications (pneumonia, pressure ulcer, contractures, etc.) is key at this point.

    Is he insured? Is he by any chance a military veteran (USA)?


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    Genron has a clinical trial in the US but it is restricted to thorasic injuries with a very specific and narrow inclusion. After a year, the 4th patient just had the procedure last week in CA. This is a phase 1 for safety.
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    Thanks, Cheesecake. Yes, I didn't mention the Genron trial because this young man has a cervical injury.


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