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    I have recently been diagnosed with Hydromyelia and have been told that surgery is an option ie the draining of the area of the spinal cord. Has anyone had it done and what was the out come? I am seeing a doctor at NYU in NYC. Any input would be helpful. Thanks Herman

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    You might want to do a search here on the more common term "syringomyelia" or "syrinx" to find a lot of previous posts and discussions on this. Do you also have a pre-existing spinal cord injury or history of spina bifida or Chiari malformation?

    (A complete profile makes it much easier to provide you with the answers you need).


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    hello. I am just wondering.... my friend has been diagnosed with hydromyelia as well and sometimes she very desperate of the pain and etc... how do you deal with it? what tablets or so helps you to deal with it? thank you very much for any advices.

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    Aloed, if this is a legitimate post (since you have no profile it is difficult to determine), please read the information above. There are no medications you can take to treat a syrinx. Surgery is often needed if it is enlarging and causing neurologic symptoms, but it is critical that this be done by a surgeon who is very expert and experienced in this difficult procedure. Where is your friend?


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