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Thread: Are We Slaves to Pain Treatment Steered by Politics and Profits?

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    As I research more intensely, I find that there are powers that be who are hell bent on culling oxycodone as a treatment option. It is a real drive. Everyone is caught in the corner.
    Now that the thread has been up for awhile, I understand there are members who are aware and willing to put forth energy to try and combat the movement, to whatever extent that effort can affect. Unfortunately, I beleive the absence of posts indicate that we definately are slaves to pain treatment by politics and profits. Depressing information is not new to anyone associated with this forum. I just thought that there would be a good number of members that would like the chance to put up a fight.
    I was mistaken
    Best regards to all. This too shall pass, in time....
    No matter how cynical I try to be, I just can't seem to keep up with how bad things really are!

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    Thanks to all for an excellent thread. Snorp perhaps it's not a lack of interest in fighting, it may be because once a post is no longer in the ''new posts' list, it almost disappears. That's how it is for me anyway. I do search archives too, but even then, this is a huge site with so many posts. Other times, when I visit, I go to new posts, and usually find more than enough there to keep me going until I'm all out of energy or pain is too great, whichever comes first.
    I do subscribe to some threads but it seems to take less clicks (which I often find painful) to get to the new posts than subscribed threads.

    Is there a better way to navigate the site that I have missed?
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    P.S Good book suggested by another forum member - The Pain Chronicles by Melanie Thernstrom
    (2nd hand paperback from around £4 online)

    The blurb bit-
    In "The Pain Chronicles", Melanie Thernstrom traces conceptions of pain throughout the ages to reveal the elusive, mysterious nature of pain itself. Interweaving first-person reflections on her own battle with chronic pain, incisive reportage and medical research, and insights from a wide range of disciplines, Thernstrom shows that when dealing with pain we are neither as advanced as we imagine nor as helpless as we may fear.

    And, mentioned in reviews of the book, is:
    The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon
    (by a different author but said to be like a sister book to The Pain Chronicles, but for depression).

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    I remember reading this when first posted and thinking then that things certainly could'nt get much worse! Oh how wrong I was!

    I started at a pain clinic two years ago this past April because getting treated for pain at the family doctor's became impossible. They no longer wanted the risks involved. So, with chronic pain I decided to get it over with and went to the clinic. Jump through hoops, be prepared for drug testing, and don't forget to bring your meds in every visit and have them counted. In the two plus years of going to the clinic, I have forgotten my meds twice. No problem though, a warning and your scripts were written.

    Then last month when forgetting for the second time happened, I found out about a state law that had been changed and no meds to count meant no new scripts! They were kind enough, since we live an hour and a half away, to let my husband go home and drop me off and take my meds into our pharmacy to be counted. He dropped off my scripts to be filled while he was there. It was just three days until the thirty days was up, and we have always been allowed to fill them at that point. Well, the law had also changed for that too. Now I have to wait until the thirtyth day to get them filled! How assinine! What if they are out of the drug? That has happened before! What if the weather is too bad to leave the mountain? I'm sure there are other reasons I can't think of at the moment....... I've dropped pills on the floor and not found them......not until the sweeper finds them at a later date!

    We're always being told to have a back up stash, but no one can write a script large enough to have one!

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    I would have to say yes its a prison ,Im only 30 and i have been put thru the Pain Mangement Ringer for 5 years and i feel there is no escape ..IT is awful

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    Pain sucks. The feds and everyone else involved just make it all that much worse.

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    Would Weed help???

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    Weed won't help me, not as long as it's illegal. Which is another thing I think they should change, and I've never used the stuff, but it's time to update that law too.

    Anything that could help chronic pain should be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cable guy View Post
    Would Weed help???
    Yes it would, in most cases. I found early on that it is the ONLY thing that reliably, consistently cures/PREVENTS my burning pain...and it is SAFE. Also, it is the only med I use for all the various pains from broke bones, torn rotator cuff, hardware pain, etc. It is the one, reliable thing that works for me. Some types do not work as well as others, but as long as I have the right type and keep using it, I go RELATIVELY w/o pain. When you find what works for you, grow dat shit. If you make hash from it, a little bit will go a LONG way. I saved over 6-8 thousand dollars hash vs weed my first year doing it. Got a LOT more accomplished and lived a much higher quality of life for it.
    I have tried everything(almost) the doctors threw at me over the years and it all eventually failed and/or had deleterious side effects that I am unwilling to accept.
    I won't even talk about the pain clinic fiasco. The govt suX, next page...

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