Misty and spouse, I really do appreciate your predicament. I had a wound from a back surgery open up. The wound opening was a bit smaller than a nerf football, but you could out the football in the space, had an infection, and was on steroids and antiinflamatory drugs, thus it "popped" at home, wife and dtr could see my spine.
Wound doc said it was gonna take awhile and it did. I was 16 months on the wound vac, and she would scrape it whenever it needed it(scare tissue was forming). Was a pain in the back, but it did close up with surgery, and been good since(except a fusion surgery that went awry, and I ended up in chair.)
Any way, point is, take your time, and it will close up hey I had sudimonus 4 times and MRSA twice, and other stuff infections, and we just treated em all. Hand in their, you'll get better.