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Thread: Will this sacral wound EVER go away?! (Graphic Pic Warning)

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    Misty and spouse, I really do appreciate your predicament. I had a wound from a back surgery open up. The wound opening was a bit smaller than a nerf football, but you could out the football in the space, had an infection, and was on steroids and antiinflamatory drugs, thus it "popped" at home, wife and dtr could see my spine.
    Wound doc said it was gonna take awhile and it did. I was 16 months on the wound vac, and she would scrape it whenever it needed it(scare tissue was forming). Was a pain in the back, but it did close up with surgery, and been good since(except a fusion surgery that went awry, and I ended up in chair.)
    Any way, point is, take your time, and it will close up hey I had sudimonus 4 times and MRSA twice, and other stuff infections, and we just treated em all. Hand in their, you'll get better.

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    Unfortunatelu, each person heals at their own rate for a lot of different reasons. I would suggest that you increase your fluid intake, your calorie intake and your protein intake. The wound loses a lot of fluid and protein and it takes a lot of calories to heal. I would also recommend the VVF - it has helped a lot of people and maybe something that works for you. Stay off of it as much as possible (I know -easier said than done.)

    ANd hang in there. It does take a lot longer for a wound to heal conservatively versus with surgery. I do understand why you are going the route that you are - just pointing out the issues.

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    I soooo feel what you are going through. Been there, done all that! Apligraf was a complete failure for me. After 3 different applications and about 20 grand charged to my insurance I was worse off than ever. I just dont believe those are made for open pressure wounds of any depth or size.

    I would really really consider the flap surgery by a plastic surgeon that is well versed in pressure wound care. You will be back to yourself within weeks.

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    Yes protien, protien, hated cottage cheese, but ate it and lots of salmon too, and yougurt to balance the tummy.

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    Are you on any antibiotics? It might help to speed up the healing, if you get the right one on board. I speak from years of experience, both personal and professional.
    Hope this helps.

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    I just had a nasty pressure wound that looked that way. I used Santyl during the day and Medihoney at night. With a soft gauze. Is this a juicy wound or dry? Sounds juicy to me. Santyl could work great but is expensive.

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    So in response to everyone. I appreciate everyones advice! I have done all of the above... I have been on the Pro-Stat AWC for a good while now, even though ALL of my nutrition levels are excellent without it. Couldn't hurt right? I have done Santyl out the wazoo and medi-honey as well. I would consider this wound moderately juicy. On the vac over a week there would maybe be a couple of tablespoons of drainage.

    So... I have new news...

    First of all... I finally got a LAL. I am blessed because I work for Apple and don't have to deal with Medicare anymore. My work insurance is AWESOME. Second of all... I am on my 4th Apligraf and when I had the 2nd on applied... it WORKED! For the first time I had significant granulation buds. So then on the 3rd one... it was even BETTER! In fact there was even some hyper granulation on one side (which they were NOT fussing over). My wound doc is ecstatic!! As well as I... so since the first failed apligraf... the rest have shown progress. I went from 1.8cm depth, to 1.3, to 0.9 now! I go back Thursday for a check, and will get my last one. Then he will move me on to Dermagraft (you get 8 applications of that) and hope it will fill it in even more. I have been off the vac and we don't disturb the dressing for a full week until its changed in the office. The drainage isn't too bad at all. I am certain the LAL played the biggest role in this. Might I add I am sleeping SO much better on it. So yeah... as of right now I am healing. I have to take sponge baths which kind of suck, and I go to the beauty salon up the street twice a week to wash my hair. But I am NOT complaining!

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