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    Travel insurance

    What should a quadriplegic do regarding travel insurance? I'm flying from Canada to Europe next week and, looking through the online insurance plans, I can't find the 'paralysis' box to check for pre-existing medical condition. I'd like to be covered, but I don't want to get screwed with non-disclosure if something bad happens.

    What do you guys do?

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    When we take cruises, we always sign up for the travel insurance as soon as we book, since pre-existing conditions don't apply if you do this within 48 hours of booking your trip. If you wait, you cannot get it due to a pre-existing condition such as SCI, MS, etc. I would assume that the same applies for other types of travel insurance.


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    Nothing. I have never travelled without insurance and nobody has asked me anything even if they have seen my wheelchair.

    And if we pay our trip with a Visa or Mastercard creditcard, we have travel insurance for 60 days. But I have a yearly insurance too, that is working everytime I go out of the house. That has worked all my life, only in the US they didn't want take my insurance.
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    I use this company:
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    I have never bothered with it. My credit card offers the protection for free. I had to use it one time after a fender bender, but that has been about it.

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    Thanks guys! I found this to be most useful, however I am flying from the UK. Anyone experienced cover through ?

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