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    Nissan NV Van

    The Nissan NV van looks like it might be a promising lift-capable vehicle. The Crossroads Nissan dealer in Wake Forest, NC has stated that the side door is wide enough to accommodate a lift and even a shipping pallet. Additionally, the engine is more forward than in other vans.

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    I saw it too and it looked good.

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    that's some serious way it would fit in a normal garage.

    Edit: I didn't notice the 'low profile' version..
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    Problem I see with it is the windows. The regular height van seems to be on the low side and from pictures of the inside I've seen the high top models have internal structure that would prevent taller windows. Riders in a power chair will not be able to see the horizon.
    Much as I hate the hack job they do on lowered for vans they do have the advantage on outward visibility.

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    I visited a Nissan dealer when they were closed so I could not see interior, however, I pulled up right next to one w lower roof to read window sticker. The Nissan roof was exactly even w my full sized Ford van roof. I think they must have the same interior headroom. I believe the Nissan design just makes them look squat.

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    They got one of these at my local dealer and they parked it right next to a used Ford. Both were basic cargo vans. The Nissan definitely looks bigger and is a couple inches taller. The problem is the floor was a couple inches higher than the Ford. I measured the side door opening and they were virtually identical - both 48". Didn't measure the headroom inside but it looked about the same.

    Since it was cargo, the interior was unfinished. Looked like pretty crude quality to me. The windows were like RV units with a big chunky aluminum frame. Overall I was not unimpressed. Sprinter would still be my choice in a new van.

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    not sure you could see out of the windsheild driving from wheelchair. plus its ugly and not builtt in AMERICA

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    Driving from a power chair, the Sprinter is the best bet. No unnecessary cutting just adaptations. I love when the wheelchair van is a Sprinter. First time I could see out the windows in years.

    I borrowed TDX for driver training. Had a raised roof, lowered floor minivan. Terrible time seeing out windshield but did pass without getting killed.
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