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Thread: Does private insurance pay for standing frame?

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    Does private insurance pay for standing frame?

    After 20+ years, my standing frame is ready to be retired. I have HMO coverage through Blue Cross Anthem.

    Does anyone know if private HMO insurers pay for standing frames? Do they put a $$$ limit on them?

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    Aetna paid for mine. Just got a PT to write up the medical necessity for it and had a doctor sign it.

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    Every insurance is different. Do you have Kaiser? Their DME coverage ranges from none to fair, depending on the plan you are enrolled in. You can appeal any decision to turn you down. The support of your provider in writing letters of medical necessity is key.


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    I have blue cross and they paid for my first standing frame, but don't know about after 20 years. Those DMEs are something else. Told them I did not use the back, so they padded the bill by adding a special back for 740 dollars more. Good luck
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    Replacement is the key phrase that you must use if you have the same insurance company covering you as the one covering your first frame.


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