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Thread: cold feeling in legs

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    cold feeling in legs

    When the temperature drops below 80 degrees f, my legs feel like they are in a tub of ice but to touch them they are nice & warm. What is causing this freezing sensation & how do I get it to stop. My spinal cord is bruised at c6, my range & motion is c7. I've been like this for 10yrs.

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    Here is a thread that appeared a while ago about cold legs and a long answer by Wise Young to help you diagnose the problem.

    I have been wearing Helly Hanson Merino Wool (Warm) long johns in winter. They are soft and fit a bit like tights and they do help me stay warmer (I've never had issues with pressure).

    I went to a garden wedding in May. The expected weather didn't materialize and it was cold and windy on top of a hill overlooking Napa Valley. I wore the long sleeve T-shirt under my Merino wool turtle neck sweater and sports jacket and the long johns under my pants. I was very comfortable.

    During the summer, I wear Helly Hansen lightweight moisture wicking long johns and they help wick away moisture from sitting on a Roho cushion. My legs tend to be cold in the summer too, but not as much as winter, when I will sometimes add a blanket over my legs.

    Buy Helly Hanson gear in sporting good stores and ski shops. Machine wash and hang dry.

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    I can feel part of my legs. Where I can't feel is very cold, and yes my feet as well.
    I can see goose bumps on a strip up the back of my Thighs and most of my calf's. The strip up the back of my thighs is about 15 degrees colder then the skin a 1\4 inch away. Guess one needs nerves to tell your body, hey I'm here send me some heat.
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    Cold sensations can be a type of neuropathic pain, which can be made worse by extremes of environmental temperatures. Neurontin and other drugs used for neuropathic pain may be helpful.

    In addition, if your skin actually feels cold to the touch, this may be related to the effects of your injury on your autonomic nervous system. Normally the brain (hypothalamus) regulated your skin temperature through vasoconstriction or vasodilation in relationship to the surrounding temperature, but with a SCI your hypothalamus is no longer connected to your skin (due to disruption of the tracks in the cord that carry this information).

    Your body may inappropriately vasoconstrict, causing your skin to feel cool or cold to the touch. It may also appear mottled when this occurs. It may also inappropriately vasodilate and feel very warm to the touch, which can also make you loose body heat and feel chilled in even temperate climates.


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    My arms, hands,& body feels cold too. My hands are cooler when I touch my face the rest of my body is warm when touched. My blood flow is good in legs, sometimes wearing layers helps. I was on Neurotin for a while it didn't help any. At times my body feels like I have a bad sunburn. My legs & body stays the same color. My injury is incomplete. I also get bad spasms in legs that go through whole body, at times they seem to almost throw me out of my chair.

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    It is a form of neuropathic pain. You might want to try lyrica or some other medication for neuropathic pain.

    I get the same feelings when I don't take my neurontin, and then I get AD goosebumps and spasms increase. I am also very incomplete, but still have issues with this type of pain.
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