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    New here!

    Hi I'm new here. I'm a 23 year old female who had tranverse myelitis and Guillian-Barre in May. I also had a secondary bacterial infection and severe blood clots. I got out of hospital in June and med-evaced from Australia to the States for rehab. My SCI is currently an L 5 incomplete. I can use crutches for 10 or so feet at a time because at the end of July I gained some movement in my left leg. It was the only improvement, the doctors won't say anything either way about getting better. Regardless I swim and just started playing sled hockey and am out living my life.

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    Welcome, keelee. It's impossible for the doctors (or anyone) to predict how much return you'll get, but these are early days in your recovery and you're doing great things for yourself by swimming, playing sled hockey and living your life! Best wishes to you.

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