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    Baclofen pump

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope all are doing well and working hard towards recovery.

    I am one year past surgery to remove a spinal cord tumor, known as ependymoma, from t3-t5 of thoracic spine. I experience severe spasticity and tone, and I am very stiff. I can barely move at times.

    I take 80 mg of balcofen a day orally, and now I am considering a baclofen pump. I had some good conversation with my doctor who explained how this can be done and explained how they can do a screening test by doing a spinal tap to see if there is any improvement.

    Does anyone have experience with a baclofen pump you would like to share? I want to get better and like most people, do not want to rely on meds, but maybe this is the right "bridge" to recovery. Then again, maybe it's not. Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks to all who have helped me in the past. I hope we all get better soon.

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    Hi northpond, you can start by reading some of this sticky. Lots of info in there. Good luck.

    Baclofen pump FAQ
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