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Thread: Recent T-12

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    Recent T-12

    Hi everyone, I recently suffered from a SCI resulting in a T-12. At this moment I really have no idea if it's complete or incomplete. I really just hope to meet others like me and find out more about my injury.

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    Hello and welcome
    Can you feel anything below T12, like the front of your legs. Keep talking to us people on this site, and searching around this place to find a lot of info about SCI.
    Look forward to yacking some more.
    Take care
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    flying, unfortunately I cannot feel anything in my legs.

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    Do you have sensation around your anus? Is your neurologic (cord) level T12, or your fracture at T12? There is a difference.

    Where did you do your rehab? Did your physician describe your injury as ASIA A or B?

    Here is some information on levels and types of SCI:

    Come back and ask more. We can help. Welcome to CareCure!


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    SCI-Nurse, my fracture is at T12 and my doctor described it as ASIA A. I've done rehab both in a rehab facility and the hospital.

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    Fellow T12

    I'm T12 also, 3 years post injury. It may not seem possible yet but you can fulfill an independent and fun life. Sorry you're hurting.

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    Ramblinfree, thank you for your words! I won't lie it has certainly taken a toll on me. As I'm sure it does anyone with an SCI.

    SCI-Nurse, I forgot to say thank you and missed something in your post. I have no sensation around my anus.

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    I was asking about your injury because a T12 fracture usually results in around an L2 or L3 spinal cord injury. Read the article above. Where does your sensation stop? Groin? Do you have any buttocks sensation? What is the lowest muscle you can move? Do you have hip flexors?

    The critieria for ASIA B requires perianal (around the anus) sensation, so it sounds like right now that your injury is actually ASIA A. How long ago were you injured?

    Where did you do your rehab?


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    SCI-Nurse, If I am wrong about it I won't hesitate to admit it. I'm still so new to this that so I haven't totally adjusted. Part of the reason I joined this forum was to figure things out. My SCI was in June 2011. I have no control or sensation from above my hips down. I have no bowel/bladder control. To answer your specific questions: groin: nothing, butt: nothing, or hip flexors: nothing. I'm not sure what muscle it is but I have the ability to suck (sp?) in my stomach which is the last thing I can feel. I did rehab in a rehab facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis93 View Post
    I did rehab in a rehab facility.
    Well, of course. Which one? Did they have a SCI specialty program? CARF accredited? Model System?

    It sounds like you actually do have a T12 neurologic injury, which usually is associated with a T8 or 9 fracture. Does that sound more like it?


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