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Thread: Curiosity question on pre-op

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    Curiosity question on pre-op

    Well, they got an approved 24 hr observation for after the surgery, then the PA will send a letter of justification for the extended stay(see my previous rant about devious insurance ). So glad they for it worked out. Pre-op is done, now just biting my nails til Monday :/. One question if anyone knows, I'm on a low dose hydrocodone (5mg) & Robaxin, they said I could take the pain meds he morning of the surgery, bit not the robaxin. Is there any particular reason why? I mean, I'm going to follow instructions, but I'm a curious type person lol! If I hadnt been, I don't think I ever would have gotten my dx.

    I'll try to post as soon as I'm able & let y'all know how I am, you guys have been so kind to me & I feel a kinship here. Thanks to everyone for all their kind words & well wishes!

    See u on the flip side, surg is @9:30 Monday 

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    My guess would be that Robaxin is a muscle relaxer, and they don't want to have it on board when they administer anesthesia.

    I am very glad that you don't have long to wait now for your surgery, and will be rooting for you on Monday and afterward - here's to an excellent result and quick healing!

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    Just when you think, ok, I'm good, house is clean, pretty much, bags packed & I'm ready to go for tomorrow morning, I freaking lose it & have a mini breakdown & cry my eyeballs out. Doesn't help that my parents picked Caitlin up, so I won't see my baby until I come home more than likely, she's 10. Wish somebody would shoot a dose of Valium in my veins RIGHT NOW. can't see how I'm gonna make it to the morning, much less sleep. 

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    Contact your doctor (he/she is probably taking call, or has someone lined up who is) and ask for something for your nerves. You do need sleep, and pharmaceutical support is an entirely reasonable request. Cry all you need to, don't try to stop the tears. Your feelings on every level are such a complex mesh - there's nothing to be done but honor them. Hold onto the vision of seeing Caitlin again when you waken from anesthesia. Picture yourself posting here when the operation is behind you. Blessings to you, your doctor, your family, your entire medical and support team!!

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