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Thread: quad programmers

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    quad programmers

    I there any quadriplegic programmer? I'm talking about guys with no finger movent which have an career in the programming world.

    Do you know someone from or from the outside world? Can you give me some names/emails/blogs? I wish to learn from their experience or maybe they have some advices to share.

    PM if you have some emails addresses and don't wish to make them public on the net.

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    I'm a quad about to finish CSCI

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    did coding for 2yrs at ibm, c5 quad, type with my finger splint....coding isn't really speed based as much as accuracy/logic

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    I do some coding with voice recognition (PHP, Perl, and learning C), but nothing professional.

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    I'm a C5 quad with no finger movement. I type with tendodesis splints and plastic sticks. I'm an assistant professor at a state university and teach or have taught courses using Visual Basic, C#, C++, JavaScript, and PHP. Visual Studio, NetBeans and other IDEs have IntelliSense/AutoComplete that make coding go very quickly. I have students ask me to slow down sometimes.

    If you are interested, I'll be recording some videos in a few months to show users with mobility impairments how to use Dragon to create programs/Web pages in Visual Studio. My email is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
    .. I have students ask me to slow down sometimes...
    Reminds me of a professor I had for advanced differential equations. He was completely blind. His writing was pretty bad. He had 30 ft of chalk board and used it all several times for each problem. Many of the students were turned off, but he was brilliant. Imagine solving very complex equations, with dozens of terms (series expansions) on each line, from memory. If you went to his office for help, he would ask you to write out the solution again and speak while you were writing. He would not just identify your error but get exactly to the core of your misunderstanding. Higher intelligence can definitely overcome lower physical ability.

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    I have a friend here who uses a mouthstick to program. He has released and sold several games. PM me if you want me to pass your contact info on to him.
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