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Thread: keyboards for quads with no finger movement

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    55+ ty for your valuable feedback. Your approach looks very smart and innovative. I'll like to know more about the research results of the RESNA that were useful to you. I'll search on google scholar about it. Anyway is a good start.

    As a quad which use (two)sticks to type, I'll ike to have mouse positioned on the middle of the keyboard. A laptop like keyboard

    Anyway, the subject is open on my stack todo list. I'll put some weeks on it until I find the best long term solution.
    I type with one hand and have my other hand on the trackball. With all the mousing around in apps these days, I think I type faster than I would using two typing sticks. I like trackballs. They are easy to manipulate with just about any part of my hand.
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    I am a C6 quadriplegic for 20 years now. I use the Mac keyboard and type with my thumbs it is the small wireless keyboard.

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    Which text expander do you use? I found PhraseExpress is pretty neat program the can fill out text faster. ie: 'ty' will print out Thank You
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    I have my old PowerBookG4. I use my right hand to type, pointer finger w/thumb curled under it for support. Trackpad/touchpad on lapzilla using palm of hand meets wrist outer bone & sticky keys when needed. I type rather quickly even with 1 finger, barely have to look at keys. (c5/6 complete)
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    On one of my other micro usb keyboards it has a built in Trackball
    I like it in bed very easy .

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