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Thread: keyboards for quads with no finger movement

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    keyboards for quads with no finger movement

    I know that some of you are just using Dragon Naturally Speaking, so the keyboard use isn't a must.

    For those of you which are quad geeks which is the best keyboard you ever used/see?

    Also, I'll like to try or to get a feedback from the users which have/seen/tried a keyboard which has the functionality of the laptop keyboards (mouse in the middle)

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    Whether you type with a mouth stick or other typing stick, there are ways to increase typing speed. I type with a single typing stick and when I am doing heavy typing for a while, I can get my speed up to about 30 words per minute. A key part is using a key board with the layout rearranged so the most frequently used letters are clustered in the center of the keyboard. It cuts down time wasted jumping around the keyboard with the typing stick. Also, it is less physically demanding. The keyboard can be easily rearranged with free software from Microsoft. I know nothing about Macs. Keys can then be re-labled with stick on letters available from a number of sources. Here is the layout:

    I also use word expansion for a half dozen of the most commonly used words and save many many keystrokes. It is like using abbreviations that automatically spell out the complete word when entered. People usually use the abbreviation enabling feature in word processing programs for long words, but I have found that just eliminating one or two keystrokes in frequently used short words saves more in the longrun. Below is my list. When I enter the letters followed by a space, the words to the right of the = sign are automatically typed out.


    The number of keystrokes they save is amazing. The downside is that it takes 2-3 months for the average user to become comfortable with the new layout and abbreviations. In the end, it is well worth the effort. I do some heavy typing such as play manuscripts, short stories, and most recently, my autobiography and could not survive without these tools.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    shallow ones, e.g., Apple's:

    I type with the side of my right thumb.

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    Hooray! Glad to see you posting about your writing 55+, and i read elsewhere your staples are out and you're definitely on the mend. i type using mostly my right index
    finger, but am going to need to change methods soon... is that a dvorak keyboard
    setup in your photo? i've read it is much more efficient layout and that one can change basic settings on most computers to switch to the dvorak system.
    whatever it is, it looks cool and the best news is you're writing again!!
    wishing you a very speedy recovery and some respite from the recent crisis for you and mrs. 55+. best, sharon/crashbang

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    shallow ones, e.g., Apple's:
    The best, so far.

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    That is a standard keyboard. I remapped the keys with . Then I relabeled the keys with stick-on letters. The remapping is done within the Windows operating system, not the keyboard. The arrangement was presented at a RESNA conference a few years ago. There is a good bit of research that supports its effectiveness in increasing the speed of single finger and typing stick typists. The Dvorak arrangement does not do us any good because it was developed to increase the speed of regular two-handed typists.

    The neat thing about this is that with a couple clicks, Windows can be switched back to accommodate a regular QWERTY keyboard. I have the arrangement on a laptop and I use it with a relabeled wireless keyboard. The keys on the laptop have not been relabeled so my wife can use the standard layout.

    There are other remapping programs available online but I have not tried them. For example, see:

    Thanks for the well wishes. I am doing my best to reach the 60 year post injury mark.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    thank you, 55+, that was all new information to me. i am at the point of needing to find a new method and will look into this one further. thanks for explaining it in more detail.

    go ahead and push on for the 70 year mark. if anyone can do it, it sounds like
    that would be you.

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    I'm with Scott - Apples trackpad and keyboard are easiest for me and my lack of finger function

    A pencil under my splint or my knuckles and I can peck away for hours
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    55+ ty for your valuable feedback. Your approach looks very smart and innovative. I'll like to know more about the research results of the RESNA that were useful to you. I'll search on google scholar about it. Anyway is a good start.

    As a quad which use (two)sticks to type, I'll ike to have mouse positioned on the middle of the keyboard. A laptop like keyboard

    Anyway, the subject is open on my stack todo list. I'll put some weeks on it until I find the best long term solution.

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    I like 55's setup I use pretty much the same setup

    A couple of yrs back we were talking about big trackballs etc... 55 is a blast

    My main laptop is setup like 55's for instance

    I also use a Logitech S 520 or sometimes a little usb scorpion with a built in trackball on the keyboard I think it is a gamers keyboard I forget but I always try to make things easier as my hands cramp so painful .

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