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Thread: social media exchange page

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    social media exchange page

    so, i figured with everyone involved in social media these days i'd try to make a facebook page in hope of it becoming an exchange page. my thought was more people are likely to log into facebook regularly and see updates or post .

    the hope is we as end users of products can exchange, buy, sell, or donate to each other. with the outrageous costs and limitations we can all save money or help fellow wheelers out. because i know a ton of us have things to get rid .... or have been looking for something at a more realistic price ....

    ck it out an like it if you like .....

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    awsome. I joined.

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    me like

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    .....ok, my dream list would be a new back pack, a Quickie q7 15 x 17 ) with suspension,...a girl can dream no? Oh and a wheelchair van with lift for rent where ever I travel for $500 a month! )

    I liked
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    I'm in!
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