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Thread: Do you have a career?

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    Do you have a career?

    I'm doing an article (freelance) regarding choosing a career after a SCI/D. It focuses on fields that one might not think of. I'm looking at fields that have nothing to do with disability. Are you a circus clown, brain surgeon, entertainer, geologist for example?

    Or do you have a career because of your SCI/D?

    If you know someone I can contact that be great too. Thanks.

    Would you be interested? email me
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    I am a computer programmer...has nothing to do with my SCD...just something I wanted to do and that I felt I was good at.
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    I am a laughter yoga leader, minister and voice over artist which happened after the sci.
    The blogging is probably because the sci I'd say.

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    I'm a vocational lecturer full time teaching electrical and plumbing subjects at level 3 pre SCI and post SCI. I'm a T11 complete.
    it is a bit difficult teaching a practical subject from a chair but i take it day by day. most of my work is PPP and digital format now. it's only been a year since injury if it does not work out i'd like to try an office job, worst thing is to stay at home do nothing.

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    I work in higher education / student affairs at a University...specifically residential life & housing as a hall director. I went to school for my masters degree in counseling: human relations / student affairs before I got sick. Loved the career and profession so I've stayed in it since and moved across country for a better job in the same field.

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    I was a newspaper reporter and editor for 28 years (all of which was post-SCI).

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    High school teacher both pre and post.

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    i'm a bioinformaticist doing research in 3D protein structure.
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    Writer/marketer both pre and post.

    It wasn't a career I needed to worry about after my accident, always knew I could go back to it - although I have changed my role and responsibilities so there's less travel.
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    I'm a medical transcriptionist/editor for 17 years (post SCI). Before and after my SCI I was a college student. I have a bachelor's degree but I started working in MT to make money (it used to pay quite well) and I could do it at home and have quite flexible hours to raise my son as a single parent. Now I want to do something else - out of the house - after my son goes to college. It does not pay as well now for various reasons and I have to work about 70-80 hours a week to pay the bills. (used to work about 55-60 and made more money).

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