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Thread: Any Invacare Power Chair Techs in here?

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    Any Invacare Power Chair Techs in here?

    I got a question for anyone who's fimiliar with Invacare power chairs...
    specifically GB motors and controllers.

    I currentlly have a 2009 TDX-Sr HD that i'm not liking because of the mid-wheel drive,,, I just purchased on craigslist a 2006 Arrow rwd with GB motors. It's a HD also......One of the motors and the MKIV controller is bad.
    My question, Is it Possible to use the tdx's motors, controller and joystick on the Arrow's frame??
    I know the battery harnees might need to be upgraded since the arrow had mkiv electronics and the tdx has mk6i electronics.
    Any info very much appreciated.....


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    Ask here at Invacare Boards. Especially look for 'Jakeboy1'. He is a working Invacare technician. On the side he rebuilds them for a hobby and profit. Jakeboy1 is well trained and sharp. I have never found a more knowledgeable Invacare professional.

    I believe his name on this board is 'Jakeboy1' also. I've seen him here.

    I have his email, but will not post it publicly. You will easily find him yourself.

    good luck,

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    You might get some information from the attached publication, Invacare Technical Training Manual.

    All the best,

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    John W, thanks for the kind words.....

    @ lance, is it possible?? Yes, but it will take a loooooot of modification.
    If you lived near so cal, I would invite you to my shop and help you.
    My advice is to buy a new motor, it would be easier.

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    @jakeyboy1, I read the parts & service manual on the invacare site.......The way I read it was I have to take the right motor on the tdx and turn it around and put it in the left bracket on the arrow and vice versa with the left from the tdx....

    according to parts manual they both
    share the same controller, with long motor leads.....

    the bracket that held the mkiv controller has holes that match up with the tdx controller..........

    the holes on the motors from the tdx seem to be the same bolt pattern as the arrow GB I right??

    both chairs have 24 batteries, i may have to swap battery harnesses if the arrow's harnesses don't match up? any thoughts??

    Assuming all this goes good, I then get the programmer and recalibrate the motors for the arrow rwd and program.....

    What am I missing or wrong about?

    So far I'm out only $50.00 for the arrow.......wouldn't a new GB motor and potentially a new refurbished mkiv controller be at least 2000.00 plus?


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    Not sure if the motors will directly mount up. If they do, make sure you keep the right motor on the right and the left on the left. I know the motor release levers wont. You will need to use all the electronics from the tdxsr. (joystick, controller motors etc). After you move ALL the components, get a programmer and go to "calibrations" and change motor configuration to GB rear wheel. Then put chair on blocks and calibrate motors twice!

    If you have powered seating (tilt recline etc) you will have to transfer all those electronics too.

    Good luck!

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    yes, i intend to use all electronics from the tdx-sr.... i'm basically just using the arrow frame and battery boxes.
    got a motion concepts reclining back only, fixed legrest mounted on the tdx......ordered brackets from motions to use on storm rwd frames......

    going have to swap sides on the motors though... right now the motor plugs are facing the rear with the tdx since the controller is mounted in the rear......since the hole for wire from the controller 2 motor plug is in
    the front on arrow i'll need to swap sides with the the controller will be mounted in front on the bracket on the arrow....

    I thought recalibrating motors from tdx mwd to storm rwd will sort out the left to right issue and vcie versa?

    thanx for responding, lance

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    Recalibrating might fix the motor situation....

    The motor plugs are different from right to left. You will only be able to plug in one way. If the chair drives backwards, you can turn The seat around..... Jk. You can always change "axis selection" to make it drive normal.

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    or flip the controller upside down and drill new holes in the mounting bracket.........

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    You are determined....
    You issue isn't mounting it upside down. The plug to the left motor is a different plug then the right motor.
    Again, it is possible to make it work, just a lot of work.....
    I have done many projects (like you are wanting to do). If you have time and determination, you can make it work. Feel free to pm me with questions and pictures.

    Regarding the reclining back: that will be really hard to move from one base to the other. Also, the interface is totally different. (meaning the electronics won't talk to different versions). You can still use the recline, but you will have to "hot wire" it and bypass the driver lock out.

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