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Thread: How do people carry things like wallets?

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    Question How do people carry things like wallets?

    I have been using a pouch that wraps around my back to carry things like a phone and a wallet but I am not happy about the strap around my back - how do other s carry things?

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    I carry it my backpack.
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    In my Backpack.
    Brianm what kind of backpack do you use? I use a jansport

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    I have a pouch connected to the front of my chair just under my seat pan, I keep my wallet, phone, keys, etc in there.

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    I use the Day Cruiser from Wheelchair Gear:
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    I use the little bag you can get with the chair to hang under the chair behind my legs. I would never put anything important in my backpack since it is so easy to steal when I wheel around.
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    I wouldn't put anything valuable in a backpack either for fear of it being stolen. Here is what I use.

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    I shove my wallet between my seat cushion and the arm rest skirt on power chair.
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    I use a cross body purse so that no one can rip it off of me. I carry my wallet and other girl stuff in it and then carry other supplies in the little bag under my chair.
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    I have a Advantage shelf under my seat seat you can't see. Carry my stuff in a fanny pack and stick it under there.

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