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Thread: This probably is not W/C access, but...

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    This probably is not W/C access, but...

    My first response was WTF??? Looking at the setting, it was probably not set up for chairs, but to have an avant-garde path to the upper floor.
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    I love it!

    It's the Venus Fly-trap for wheelchairs.

    When you are on the first floor it lures you in with the nice railing and beautiful slope......and then traps you right at the end with that two-step double whammy. The slope is really too steep to easily push back up. It's the perfect wheelchair trap...!

    fwiw, I don't think it's an avant guarde design with such a basic railing.....I think someone miscalculated the slope and realized too late that it wouldn't hit the ground before running out of they stuck some steps in instead.

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    Good grief! It is a wheelchair trap Mark. Good observation.

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    Ha ha!!! I am really laughing out loud.
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    Well, I guess having someone pull you up 2 steps is better than having someone pull you up 60 steps right?
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    If I was a personal injury lawyer I would fasten a little folder with my business cards right at the bottom of those 2 steps.

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    It looks as though it can be raised to be a second story walkway or lowered(as pictured) to be a gang plank to the ground floor.

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    I think it's far too steep for a ramp but that's not going to stop me from using it as an example of "how not to".

    Has anyone else noticed that when you see a ramp and steps next to each other nearly all ABs walk up the ramp?

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    I like how they put that little flat spot in the middle of the very steep ramp so you can catch some air on the way down when you are running at top speed.

    I'd try it.
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