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Thread: double doors

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    double doors

    Hi guys in the process of building my next home.

    We are looking to put in double doors to the bedroom.
    does anyone know of any good double door latch options (for internal doors)
    most double doors have a latch on the secondary door at the top and bottom. interested in anyone has seen any good easy to use latch options that dont rely on a top latch.

    i'm a C6 quad.
    currently have a double door in current home, but in reality the latch is a bit fiddly. Also because i only latch the bottom latch most of the time,... over time this actually puts pressure on the hinges on one side only and now the top latch doesn't line up as well as it should

    given this is the bedroom i was ease of use for daily latching.

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    How about a 72" wide double door (two 36" doors)? Just keep one latched and use the other as the primary door.

    Thats what I did in my new house and I love them
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    Have you considered sliding doors?
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    In my first home I had French doors leading to my sun room with latches on top and bottom (wood floors).
    In my home now I have double doors in my bedroom and front office with only top latch (tile floors) on 1 door each then typical lock on door handle. As a quad I can not lock the upper lock, and since I have lever handles, my dog easily opens the doors, I have 2 hooks that I use a lasso to keep them shut. Maybe you can get the old school hook latch? or chain latch? Another option could be a custom upper latch with extended push/pull. I have French front doors w/upper and lower latch, the top is very difficult even for people w/normal hand function. I love the look of French doors but opted for sliders on my back patio doors due to difficulties closing and locking. Maybe make the doors wide enough individually wide enough so you can keep 1 fastened at all times. This is what I do with my front doors. I only contend with 1 door when coming and going, have combination lock (keyless w/lever) which is ideal.

    Interested to see other ideas.
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