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Thread: Organogel/neurogel got problems. Dr.Woerly is moving to France!

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    C'mon James

    It was just a guess

    The way this organogel group puts it really reminds me conspiracy theories
    of DA, but Da did it with great sence of humor...Really miss him

    But sometime it seems to me that there is conspiracy about cure,
    just look at recent post about methylprednizolone application in
    Canada...It make sence for Big Pharma to keep us in chairs, instead of

    I send my short e-mails to Dr.Woerly & His support group & I would
    like to ask other members of sciwire to write them..So we could
    resolve this controvercy

    "Experience teaches that, of all the emotions, fear stands alone in its power to move us, or to capture us in its grip forever. In a world of terrors, there is nothing more fearsome that the unknown...especially when what is unknown is ourselves." Outer Limits(Fear Itself)

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    I was kind of shocked when I read

    The Comments against Dr. Young. They really opened themselves up to a defammation of Character Lawsuit with that statement. I think they were not worried about a lawsuit in doing this as they know deep down that it would not be in Dr. Youngs good disposition and below him to sue and also they are probabley not worried about a lawsuit as they have nothing to lose anyhow. I did think it was kind of childish and crybabyish though.

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    James, my boy, me thinks you protest too much. Something smells rotten.

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    Let's not make more of this than what it is: a group of upset people frustrated about what happened to their company and product. They are expressing their opinion to which they are entitled. Bill, I believe that Jim had nothing to do with this. This whole thing is not worth a fight over. Wise.

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    Dr. Young,

    I am a new member here. However,I have observed your efforts on all of our behalfs. The methodical way you write your opinions & follow them up for clarification. This article sounds like nothing more than "sour grapes'. Lashing out at you, due to their own failers and short-comings. This article is nothing more than a bump in the road, Drive right over it.

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    Today I've received letter addressed(!?) to Dr. Wise Young from supporters of Dr. Woerly

    I still don't understand why, despite my invitations, they did not want to come to our forums themselves.

    Anyway I hope "Master of the Board in USA" will kindly forgive me.

    I post in original form, just the way I've received it

    Here it is

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Boue Frédéric
    Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 3:30 PM
    Subject: NEUROGEL

    He is the letter that are intented for Wise Young

    Frederic,Webmaster (France) excuse me for the english

    We are prepared to reply to the allegations made by Wise Young about the Neurogel. As you can expect, we are in possession of the original documents of where Dr. Wise Young made all sorts of comments on the Neurogel. The association "Neurogel en marche" will shortly scan the documents so that they can be available on the Internet. You must understand that Dr. Wise Young himself is of no interest to either our website or to the struggle we are leading to save the Neurogel with the aim of making clinical tests on humans. We are currently in contact with government authorities, with international media, and with members of the Health World Organization as we are endeavouring to protect the clinical preparations by all means. We are preparing for the return of Dr. Woerly in France since Organovel has had to sell their laboratory and has now no resources left. We are studying constructive propositions from both paralysed people and from consultants willing to carry out tests on voluntary patients in France. We are also about to organize a large scale demonstration just outside the Canadian Embassy in Paris. Our website, just like the publications of Dr. Woerly, explains clearly the major difference between Neurogel and the other biomaterials. Dr. Wise Young should not be surprised when we express our opinion. He himself expressed opinions on numerous research programmes in the world; and on the researchers, he also gave his opinion. As far as we are concerned, it has become clear that he has no command of Neurogel technology, hence he lacks knowledge on growth matrixes of three-dimensional polymers of the HPMA family. Thus, to compare the Neurogel and the Matrigel just does not make sense. The very specific characteristics of Neurogel have nothing to do with the Matrigel's and if Dr. Wise Young is not aware of that, we suggest he should read the publications Dr. Woerly gave him at the Montreal Congress. He will then be able to see that myelined axons really go through Neurogel, and he will no longer claim to the contrary. Since you only selected the case of Wise Young from our website, we will shortly supply you with his writings from We noticed that Dr. Wise Young criticises the Neurogel without using any scientific arguments. He sometimes says he lacks data, but it has never made the effort to find the information or to ask Dr. Woerly. Here are a few of the statements he made on "I don't think Neurogel is a cure by itself." "The axons like the material so much that they don't want to go on the rest of their journey." "Neurogel is a biomaterial that does not seem to be all that different (from) that (which) have been used to bridge the cord." "It is not difficult at all to produce a video tape .. cats walking on a treadmill if one supports the weight of the cat and, more convincing, if the cat was independently walking around or with histology showing axons growing accross the Neurogel." If everybody believes what Dr. Wise Young says, we hope he was never consulted on Neurogel; it is clear he has not read or understood Dr. Woerly's publications correctly. For the record, Mr. Privat who is one of the French authorities on injuries to the spinal cord, has just declared in an article in the French press about Neurogel and about our association, that Dr. Woerly has only published articles in not-very-serious or even esoteric scientific magazines and that he has never published pre-clinical results on the animal concerned. In the article, Mr. Privat insults Dr. Woerly by calling him a 'charlatan'. We are wondering why he should speak about Dr. Woerly in such terms. Still, let us not compare Dr. Wise Young and Professor Privant any more than we should compare Neurogel and Matrigel.. We are not gullible. We get advise from impartial doctors. We are not "supporters" of Dr. Woerly. Our aim is to see Neurogel through to tests on humans to enable humanity and the medical world to progress. Dr. Woerly does not belong to our comittee; neither is he a member of our association. Our association's motto is a quote from a French philosopher called La Bruyère: "A good doctor is someone who uses specific medecines. Should he not have them, he should then let the people, who do have them, heal his patients." 'Neurogel en marche' intends to be plaintiff and claim damages in the BDC and Sofinov trial at Quebec Supreme Court. You are now familiar, thanks to our website, with the case of the Banque de Développement du Canada (BDC) and Sofinov. Thus, in view of some documents in our possession, we have an important question to ask Dr. Wise Young: Isn't true, Mr. Wise Young, that, in January 1998, you met the BDC Bank on behalf of Accorda Therapeutics for whom you used to work, looking for an alliance with Organogel (an offer that Dr. Woerly had turned down)?

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    [This message was edited by James Kelly on Nov 15, 2002 at 10:25 PM.]

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    They never suppiled me with any documents prooving their point & even English part of their website gone...... )

    And its more than year. Could it be their scan broken?

    But pardon my bad French they seem to like to protest a lot !

    Oh, those French!

    Vive le Quebec libere!

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    bUMP for Dr. Young

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    as an original member of spinewire and cure paralysis now, I just want to thank Max and dr. young for keeping me updated on sci over the last decade(i believe spinewire started about 1997).
    I have serious issues with the arguing and BS that flooded spinewire and now this site, but it is what it is. Free speech and the kindness of dr. young make this a truly wonderfull web site.

    Max you said you miss DA. Him and I "debated" many things with him over the years. Why we may of disagreed a lot I never wished him any bad karma.

    let me know what happened maybe he just moved

    John Ponziano
    c-7 incomplete quad post 17 years

    my 2 favorite quotes which deal a lot with sci and people's opinions and actions

    "sir I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say"

    "common sense is not so common"

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