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Thread: Bowel Program On Twice A Week

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    Bowel Program On Twice A Week

    Hey, I've been injured 7 years, and at first we did my bowel program every other day. Then after a while we cut it down to Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Now, this past couple months, we've actually cut it down to Tuesdays and Fridays only. Everything is fine so far. I haven't had any complications.

    I was just wondering, are there any health concerns for doing a bowel program only twice a week?

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    Senior Member Timaru's Avatar
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    Twice weekly for thirty odd years with no problems.

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    Senior Member brucec's Avatar
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    tuesday and friday for years
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    thanks for the replies

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    I don't know how you guys do it, I go daily.

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    My son goes daily as well. Cannot imagine keeping ALL that junk in him for 3 days!

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    I wish I could daily 1 - 2 times a week

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    i think 2x/week cannot be healthy for your bowels/lrg intestine. much increased chance of impaction, delayed transit, incomplete emptying, cramping, spasm, roids, fissures, fistulas, bowel distention, bowel obstruction (very serious).

    i eat a moderate diet with fiber additions and am amazed at what comes out every day. two days makes me uneasy, three days i would never do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    Twice weekly for thirty odd years with no problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    tuesday and friday for years
    Looks like you and I are full of shit!

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    cant even imagine that

    I HAVE to go every day..........Sometimes even twice a day. I didnt get a bowel program while in the hospital last month for 72 hours after surgery and thought i was gonna explode.

    Cant even imagine having all that built up inside me and and only going twice a week

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