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Thread: where were you that september day

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    Having Breakfast reading the comics watching the news with my mom
    A Jet flew into the tower We seen smoke I had a panic attack couldnt breathe my nerves then Jet # 2 I am like holy Shi-t
    We kept holding on to hope but then found out my Friends their families called me up asking me if they called me or were with me
    I said no I am like Craig and Tom didnt call
    My Aunt worked not too far from the epicenter so I called my aunt asking her how is Cousin Johnny he works 57th floor she didnt know if he was alive or dead .
    The news channel said a Jet crashed into the Pentagon WT hell !!!
    Lost my cousin and friends in that chaotic mess those towers .

    Personally I dont want to watch television or think of it anymore it is very hard for me to think of .

    What a horrible Day Then 2 day's later my Best friend Gets married they rented a hall 2 blocks away and I had to try not to look @ that mess in the City which was impossible
    The Limo took us around the long way and still the City was a huge Dust cloud errie mess ...
    It was the worst days

    You lived in NY?
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    In bed, home from work sick! My ex, David, came rushing into my bedroom to wake me and tell me a plane had crashed into the world trade centre. A few minutes later, he rushed in to tell me it wasn't a fluke as another had crashed. He turned on my tv (hangs on the wall) and we watched from bed together in horror for the rest of the day.

    I returned to work the next day and everyone in town called when a Muslim family even just walked down the street. People called at the slightest little thing.

    The struggle to realize terrorists, radicals versus Muslims altogether is what I remember most afterwards and I struggled with that myself. That, and the chilling stories of families literally being torn apart ... the phone calls from cell phones saying good-bye ... the police, firefighters, dispatchers and the utter chaos of it all.
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    I was at work teaching in a middle school on Long Island. The community I work in (Garden City, NY) is fairly affluent, and many residents work in the financial industry. The awful part of 9/11 for my colleagues and I (aside from the obvious horror) was listening to what was happening on our breaks, and then having to go back to our classrooms and try to teach a regular lesson as if it was simply business as usual, all the time knowing that many of our students had family and friends working down there. To add to the confusion, they were doing construction on the school building, and we had no TV or internet service; we were all sitting around on our cell phones talking to family and friends and getting updates to share with each other, while at the same time trying not to upset or panic any of the kids. It's odd to think now that all through that day none of us had any access to the any of the pictures or images that were transfixing the rest of the world.

    That being the case, after work I drove down to the beach to where one can see the skyline, and I stared at the smoke. That was my first visual from that day - the actual debris-cloud, before I went home and watched the events on the news. Like many other people, I spent the rest of the evening on the phone, trying to track down family and friends who work downtown. Fortunately, I didn't lose anyone close, but it was a near thing. One of my friends was across the street from the site, and saw the first plane hit. A couple of other friends worked nearby and had to be evacuated through the debris. The parents of several of my students didn't make it out at all.

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    I was at work at a car dealership the only tv was in the service area and we huddled around the tv in schock. Even today as I watch the recap I am still in disbelief at the tragedy. For the families of the loved ones speaking today has to be so difficult yet so healing that they can be at the place they lost there loved ones.

    So much still unanswered..Solldiers still dying fighting for our country when will it all end?
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    downtown Manhattan, indescribable, sad

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    laying in bed at Craig hospital

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    Drinking coffee and screaming "Where is the fucking President??"

    Called my Dad sobbing, asking "Who would do this to us?" He said "I'm not sure but if I had to guess it was those assholes in Afghanistan."

    I saw the bodies jump too, Bente. I'm so glad they didn't keep replaying it, it's seared into my retinas.

    Had visited NYC 3 mo's earlier, w/ a 9 mo. old SCI. Have a photo of my friends and I posed w/ the Times Square Fire Department that was on duty one night we went out. Turned out they were all killed.

    I ought to digitize that and post it.

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    I was getting ready for my first day back at work post injury. I was really nervous to be among my coworkers again after 13 months. Turns out, as the horror unfolded, I was able to slip into my office and nobody paid attention. Of course, nobody was really paying attention to anything other than what was happening on the East Coast. I remember feeling very heavy hearted and just an immense sorrow that stayed with me for days. To this day, whenever someone says, "let's roll", I think of Todd Beamer's last recorded words from flight 93, "are you guys ready? Let's roll", before the plane crashed in to the Pennsylvania field. The courage exhibited that day and in the aftermath was amazing.

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    This was about 7 yrs pre surgery that screwed me up, but i was going in for hernia surgery, not sure if it was aggod thing or not, everyones attention was divided.

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    I was at work assisting with an attorney summit that we were conducting. The attorney's that were attending this event were from all over the country. It was awful! They could not get flights to get home to their families and were panicked - as were those of us here in Columbus. Many of them worked together to find out who lived in what parts of the country - they had to rent cars to get each other home as they traveled in each direction.

    For me, my girls were 11 and 17 at the time.. I just wanted to go home and lock myself in the house. When I got home, all I could do was what news footage on TV. How could this happen to our country?

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