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Thread: Icon Product Shots

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    Just need to add my two cents.

    I like the innovative design and the adjust-ability will have to see how much it weights to see if its worth it.

    Gotta say not a big fan of the front end, the ram horns just don't sit well with me and I think it takes away from the look, sure they may help going from the floor to the chair but maybe a future option to get it with out the ram's would be nice.

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    I have been wanting to post about this chair since I first seen it, but always stopped myself because I didn’t want to add to the negative posts, but I agree with the some of the others, definitely not a chair for me.

    I worry about the durability of this chair, in the real world, every retail chair passes the industry stress tests, but not a lot pass the human test and I would be surprised if this will survive the human test. If I had this chair I would rattle it apart in no time and I would definitely, at a minimum, have to upgrade those bolts. I predict the maintenance on this chair will be like an old Harley, extensive and after every ride…

    I am curious as to why there have been no pictures of an individual sitting in this chair?

    However, I can see this chair evolving into a tool used by DME's and rehab specialists to help get exact measurements for the ordering of other chairs. I just really don’t see it become very main stream though.

    It does take BIG BRASS one to do what you guys are doing and I have to give props for that!

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    Why not make a version without suspension, and cheaper, let say ><USD1500 to ><USD2000, then many can enjoy this chair.

    ><USD4000 is a little too much for many people.
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    "The way we design isn't an accident - it's two guys who use wheelchairs who spend almost every minute of the day thinking about how to make wheelchairs, partnered with the best manufacturing facility in the world, listening to other people who use, prescribe, and sell wheelchairs."

    You guys are thinking of everything and eliminating all the problems that buyers have had since chairs were available. We've always had to make compromises when we buy, even the best. With the Icon, it can change with our needs either daily or as you've explained about upgrading, as our budgets allow. Nobody else does this. We're stuck for as many years as we use the chair and then try to make an improvement in the next huge purchase. Bodies change, lifestyles change. It seems the Icon is the only chair that can always comes along for the ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    @grommet: I think that you will find that the upswept front frame does not look nearly as bad with a person in the chair. I doubt that many (or any) of us have seen that design, and it does not look 'normal', and therefore ugly. I remember that I thought that the '57 ford with the big round taillights was butt ugly (yeah, I'm older than dirt) but I loved it once I got used to it. Same with the bullet nose Studebaker.
    I think you're right. Heck, I'm in love with the chair and haven't tried it yet so maybe I'll fall in love with the looks. I really like the way my Tilite TR looks, the lower frame member just hit all the right spots for me. Getting it in and out of the car is pretty hard for me though and it's the one time I wish I had the ZR or open frame. I really don't like the way cantelevered frames look, some people love'em.

    So looking forward to seeing the Icon. A few more months to go. I'll start selling apples on the sidewalk to get my money ready ;-)
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    @grommet - thanks, and it seems like a lot of the complaints we're hearing are due in part to the idea that one chair can be all things to all people, which we've never claimed to be attempting. The Icon will be great for some people, and just not right for others - it's just the way it goes.

    @soweng's On the surface, it seems like a reasonable question, and a compelling one - yeah, of course, why not make a cheap, non-suspension version? But the question we ask ourselves is, why would we make a cheap, non-suspension version? Those chairs are already available, and if that's what you want, and that's what will work best for you (for whatever reason) go buy one.

    We'll eventually come out with other series of the A1, and other models - we certainly don't intend to be a one-trick pony, but for now, we've targeted a very specific gap in the market that we're trying to fill - we're really not interested in ever making a cheap chair though - other companies are really good at that, and we'll leave them to it.

    @OopyDoopy - your comments are a bit frustrating, so I want to frame this from the beginning that I understand why you're making them, and I'm not frustrated with you personally. As mentioned in previous posts, it's people like you who make honest comments that help us to get better - I'm genuinely thankful for the critique, and I promise that we've anticipated some of your concerns, and are going to react to the issues you raise.

    My frustration stems in part because they're sweeping statements that aren't based on real world experience with this specific chair - please don't take that the wrong way, I don't mean what I just wrote to be critical of you, what I mean is that you just don't have any experience with an Icon to make them. Your comments are all assumptions that are entirely based on your experience with other chairs, and other manufacturers - you're lumping us in with the previous efforts in the market, and assuming that we're going to be no better than them.

    They're (I think) made in large part because of the history of the industry - previous attempts by other manufacturers have rattled loose, so it's understandable to a degree for you to assume that the Icon will be no different. Having said that, and to argue against your assumptions, our previous attempt at designing and manufacturing a modular, adjustable chair had people saying all the same things - it'll rattle loose, it's going to require all kinds of maintenance etc. - but none of those came true. Of the hundreds of chairs we put out, none of them rattled loose. Premium bikes that hurtle down mountains in the Tour de France don't rattle loose, well built cars don't rattle loose. There are ways to build things so that they don't rattle loose, which is part of the reason why we chose Multimatic as our manufacturing partner - they build some of the best vehicles in the world.

    One of the reasons I say that your comments are frustrating and not really based on a good understanding of the Icon specifically, is your comment that you would "definitely, at a minimum, have to upgrade those bolts".

    My point is that you don't know what grade bolts we're using, so how could you know "definitely" that you would have to upgrade them?

    Again, I totally don't blame you for assuming that you would have to - given the history of the industry, probably your personal experience with other chairs, and because you seem like an aggressive rider who has very likely destroyed bolts in the past, why the hell wouldn't you assume that?

    My frustration isn't with you, or your comments, it's with an industry that for 20 years has set people like you up to assume (rightly) that things will be under-engineered, under-built, and hit the lowest acceptable benchmark for quality. We're trying to change that, and we don't expect people to throw their faith blindly behind our efforts, but one of the reasons that we're being as transparent as we are in how we're designing and manufacturing is because of our faith in the quality level that we're going to hit.

    Your comments are all on-point. Only time will tell whether we rattle loose or not, but please don't assume that it will before some people in the real world put the chair through its paces.

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    looks way kewl.. grommet did baads have a regatta over the weekend?

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    Here is a shot that illustrates the range of the seat height that we're achieving - the seat angle was also changed, but didn't need to be - the two adjustments are independent.

    To reconfigure from the lowest to the highest seat height takes under 1 minute.

    Attachment 41977

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    As the seat height increases the upsweep of the caster wing becomes less effective in preventing leg splaying, though this might not be an issue for the many users who prefer having their legs open. My new ZR2 was spec'd narrower in the front for a "tight" fit, which is my personal preference. I just don't see how that could be achieved with the Icon. Bust as you note, no chair can be all things to all users.

    It would be interesting to see comparison pics of users sitting in Icons adjusted identically to their current chairs to see how this part of the Icon's frame architecture changes, or doesn't change, their seating dynamic.

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    ..."My frustration isn't with you, or your comments, it's with an industry that for 20 years has set people like you up to assume (rightly) that things will be under-engineered, under-built, and hit the lowest acceptable benchmark for quality."

    F#ckin' Ay, brother. F#ckin' Ay.

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