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Thread: autonomic dysreflexia during menustration [period]

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    autonomic dysreflexia during menustration [period]

    I have been on the depo for about 2 years now, but missed my last dose. I started my period back last night. Autonomic dysreflexia hit out of the blue last night too pretty bad. I have checked every possible other trigger. Could the dysreflexia be from the period?

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    I would say yes ... did you experience cramps from the period, headache, etc... . Know your body and what to do.

    Had this ever happened before ... what did you do?

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    Are you speaking of depoprovera? I would say yes, if your body is used to no period, then AD could be prompted from that/ Did your blood pressure go very high and if so, has the blood pressure gone down? What did you do to relieve yoru symptoms of AD?


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    I have always had painful, heavy periods, but never painful enough for dysreflexia. That's the main reason I started a depo provera injection.

    I did not go to the ER to get my blood pressure checked last night. After about 20 minutes of cold extremities, goosebumps and stomach spasms, I took 2 Motrin, 1 Ultrim and a muscle relaxer to control the cause. The dysreflexia started going away a few minutes after these got in my system. If that had not worked, I'd went to the ER.

    I'm still having random abdominal spasms today and taking these meds [alternating Tylenol and Motrin] every 6 hours.

    Additionally, I am flowing [period] clots of both red and black blood. I plan on calling my gyno Monday morning to get checked out.

    I just keep thinking this AD has got to be from the period, but I was not sure.

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