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Thread: what kind of cushion are you sitting on?

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    Mine adds a lot of hgt. WCB paid for it so don't know the price. There was only one person in Manitoba who could mold it. Ride could lead you to a dealer

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    I use a Ride Custom because of hip obliquity. Is there a better choice for hip obliquity?

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    Was recently prescribed a Liberty X to test, due to my "pelvic obliquity. So far, comfortable but only trying for 2 hours at a time.

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    I'm sitting on a J3 now and have had a couple of J2's. I just ordered a Jay Fusion to replace the J3 due to a leaking gel pack. I seem to get about a year out of the newer gel packs before they start to leak. My older Jay cushions lasted for years. Strange how a replacement gel pack costs $275, but a brand new cushion cost $308.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    i have been using supracor stimulite classics for about 8 years now, only ways 2pds or less. its honeycomb, so any moister goes through. best part just throw it in washer and dryer. i have near normal feeling in my butt area, and i can say its actually comfortable.
    jay gel cushions are imo old technology thats dated. makes little sense to run a 18 pd ultralight with a 10pd cushion
    How much do they run and how long do they last?

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    John's post was in 2004, waaay back lol I will post the link to the site below. Years ago, I bought a used one off ebay and used it for about two years and loved it. I went back to rohos but if I were able, would buy another for their stability, which doesn't happen with rohos. BTW, that is John's pic at the top left on the HC, who would have thUnk it There is a price list pdf on the page.

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    Note that the referenced Supracor price list pdf file exhibits only retail prices - the cushions cost substantially less elsewhere.

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    When my j3 with a roho decided to become unfixable oddity saved me with the air cushion I’m currebtly sitting on and turned me on to the supracore. I bought one for good measure. It’s too hick for my current chair, but the one I’m ordering will definitely have one. They seem like he best option on the market imo. And my anxiety over gel and air cushions will be greatly relieved when I no longer have to rely on them.

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