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Thread: what kind of cushion are you sitting on?

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    For got to say that I have just got a Quadtro cushion cause I have scoliosis for balance. Don't know if it works yet.

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    I use a Jay II for posture and stability. My pressure map sucks, but since I have real muscle in my butt it doesn't matter. I also have good sensation that tells me when I need relief.

    In my car I use a Stimulite. It conforms to the shape of the bucket seats well enough. I used to use a Roho in the car. But they all leak after a while. I've had my Stimulite for years and it's still working great.

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    I'm gellin! I use a Jay II, the only cushion I have ever used. It is a bit heavy, but I haven't experienced any problems with it. I get a new one about every two years.

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    I am using the Support Pro wedge cushion. I suggest that you consult with a physical therapist before you finalize your decision. Also, you may want to call the Comfort Company and discuss your concerns with Crystal.(800)-564-9248

    I have not had any problems with skin breakdown while using this cushion. I am in the process of ordering another Support Pro from this company. Good luck.

    Support Pro


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    You may want to try the new ROHO Harmony. It is unique among the ROHOs due to it's contoured shape and firm foam base (air cells are shaped differently as well). PRO: I have tried it and found that it did provide me more trunk stability because of its natural dump. It was comfortable and felt a bit like sitting on a firm waterbed. CON: I recently had a patient that noted it was compressing on one side. I have not evaluated the compressed cushion yet.

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    I used to build my own cushion after learning the concept in rehab never had issues, now I sit on a Jay II deep contour with fluid overfill. There are also custom built wedges to keep legs positioned closer together. I would think you'd be ok on something less than the deep, Amanda.


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    Roho Quadtro, and my previous was a Roho Enhanced.


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    Originally posted by Lizbv:

    There are also custom built wedges to keep legs positioned closer together.
    Good point about the wedges. By working with a physical therapist we were able to find the right cushion. I always suggest demo if possible.


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    Originally posted by Lizbv:

    now I sit on a Jay II deep contour with fluid overfill.
    Hey Liz, could you describe just what that 'fluid overfill' is like? I was looking at that and was wondering if that would be something I should get for my next cushion, although with the ~$400.00 price tag on these things it isnt something that I would just buy to sample if you know what I mean.

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    Originally posted by *Andy*:

    Hey Liz, could you describe just what that 'fluid overfill' is like?
    Its extra gel, in addition to the normal amount the Jay cushions come with. It makes you sit higher in the chair a little so you may want to consider that (depending on your level) and your chairs back height, it could affect your balance possibly? I like having it, I feel like it helped a lot over the normal amount of gel Jay's have. I think I'm using my third Jay cushion; the other cushions just had regular fill. Your insurance should cover your cushion, no? Things are so expensive


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