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Thread: Can you swim?

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    I've always been afraid of water, even pre-SCI, but I'm now fairly comfortable when I kayak or snorkel. I recently fell out of my kayak and was able to hold my breath when I hit the water and get my head out until my partner got me into a safer position. We swam to shore and got me back in. The water was really cold but everything went well -- we'd practiced this scenario before in the pool and I've learned not to panic. Would I feel safe swimming on my own? No way. But I can do enough to avert an immediate danger.

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    Trish Downing ( is a T4 and Ironman Triathlete (2 miles in open water). She swims backstroke. Maybe drop her an email and ask her how she got started with swimming?

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    I'm a T2 and just like you, Imight. I sink like a rock. If I fell into the water, I'd drown in a minute. It feels like I have two cinder-blocks tied to my feet when I'm in the water. Not enjoyable at all.

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    I'm T4 complete, ~125lbs, very low % body fat, used to hate swimming and always sank. I love getting into the pool now for the freedom of movement, being upright, etc. I can float easily on my back and manage to swim across a pool. I can tread water and breaststroke if I work at it, although whenever I'm on my stomach my feet sink.
    However I can't actually get my whole body underwater unless I try really hard, which is funny because I used to drop like a lead weight.
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    I love swimming - have no problems with floating. I weigh 115ish, not a lot of body fat either - but I've never encountered any issues with staying buoyant. I made sure that when me and my husband went house searching, that we got a house with a heated pool...

    I do get cold though - I need a heated pool if I'm going to spend time in the water. For me, anything above 80 degrees is fine for swimming; less than 80 and I'll freeze.

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    I am t4 ,former divemaster , life guard etc. I have always believed that most death by drowning can be attributed to panic. As far as bouancy goes I have found that since I have but on a bit of flab recently I now bob around like a cork. If you plan on swimming invest in a pair of webbed gloves they make it a lot easier. Once you feel comfortable I find that breaststroke while holding my breath is most enjoyable or butterfly on your back if that makes sense.

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    t6 here and I can't freestyle, but can float and swim around over and under water for hours in the pool. I do get the chills, but if I keep moving constantly I find that it helps.

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    Maybe it's too obvious to mention, but add some flotation to your legs - strap a pull buoy on, or something.

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    Scuba booties are buoyant, will keep your feet up. Be careful, they can also turn you upside down! They're warm, protective, but I require ankle weights to have control when diving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imight View Post
    So, lets say you were on a boat and fell overboard about a mile out, you could survive floating back to shore? That's quite impressive. I'm staying far from water because one slip up and I'm done for.
    This is why flotation vests (life vests) were invented. No one, AB or dis, champion swimmer or sinker, should be on a boat a mile out without a vest.

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