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Thread: most pain meds don't work, study says

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    most pain meds don't work, study says

    don't you sometimes just really want to punch these people?

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    All the time. Of course, opiates as a class are vilified by the medical community, and are in fact grossly under prescribed in my not so humble opinion.

    Of course, the fact that I have a fentanyl patch on at all times has colored my opinion somewhat - but, the study and the article appear to have a definite slant to them - that pain medications don't work. Yet, let's quote the closing passage - which seems to fly directly in the face of what most of the article is about:

    Pass it on: No pain medication is effective for everyone, but some can provide good pain relief for more than 70 percent of patients.
    Le sigh.

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    I find myself categorically in the wrong 30% of patients 100% of the time :-(

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    I feel like I've been in most of those tests! With the growing amount of pain killers tried......and not much luck with any of them......I must be in the same group of people included in that thirty percent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post
    I find myself categorically in the wrong 30% of patients 100% of the time :-(
    There seems to be alot of us in that 30%. Basically I gave up on meds 25 years ago although the odd medico will try to prescibe Oxy or something similiar but I've never found anything that so much as touches neurogenic pain. That was until I got a proper cushion today - that seems to have made some difference (not so many hot knives stuck in my knees, thighs & groin) & maybe it'll last. Here's to a night's sleep!
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