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Thread: Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement

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    Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement

    Has anyone had this done? I have a fairly significant amount of neck and arm pain due to a bulging disc I acquired in my 2007 snowboarding accident. I have had eposodic neuro issues and constant pain since the injury but the pain has intensified to an excruciating level in the last month. Sleeping is an issue as is pushing my chair. I have had several unsuccessful courses of epidural injections and PT. I am now on Vicodin 5/500 APAP every 4-6 hours with minimal relief and am continueing PT.

    I was told today that surgery would be recommended. I don't want a fusion because of the recovery time and I am concerned about wear to the area above and below the fusion. I am a competative skier and want to remain as active as possible-skiing is my life and the season is about to begin My questions are:

    What has been peoples general experience and long term success?
    How long is the recovery?
    How long before I can push my chair and drive?
    How long before I can ski?
    How long before a reduction in pain?

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    I fully understand that you want to remain as mobile and functional as possibly- you lead a very full life! That is commendable.

    Your questions, obviously, are uniqueq to your level of injury, extend of disc impairment you currently have. I would recommend a consultation with a reputable neurosurgeon, preferrably with a SCi experienced one, and you might consider a major acdemic SCI center in your geographic area. You would want someone with experience in this.

    Let's see what others have to say, however, remember everyone's injury and options are different. Good luck

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    AAD-Thanks for your response.
    I am an L1 incomplete and have a lot of function. While this occured as a result of my crash it is located far from my actual SCI. My disc problem is c5-6 and it is impinging upon the nerve on the right side fairly significantly. My main problem right now is pain. I just got a new PT at Spaulding Rehab and she seems very knowledgable. Hopefully I will be able to control the pain through PT and postpone any surgical intervention. I do have another surgical consult Tuesday. Hopefully, I will learn more about my options. Any idea about recovery times for either cervical replacement or fusion surgeries?
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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