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    Housing issues


    My son was injured in an ATV accident in June in Alaska; right now we are at the Craig Hospital in Colorado and heading to Ohio when we get discharged from here. We are having a heck of a time finding wheelchair accessible housing south of Dayton....Is anyone on this site familiar with any housing in this area? If so, could you contact me and Robby? My name is Kathy....Thank you.

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    Sorry, I do not have any specific info for the area but if you look at you can see pics of various housing available, which might help at least a little. Good luck!

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    zillow is good, but doesnt search for wheelchair accessible..unfortunately does..just make sure you do advanced search can select single story and "disability features"

    Are you looking to rent short term, long term or buy?
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    I wish I could help...but hopefully someone will see it who can. I don't know the area or any resources.

    Good luck and so sorry about your son. CC is a good resource for all kinds of issues SCI related. Craig is a great place too. (((hugs)))
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    Also, try contacting the social work office of the closest large rehabilitation center in the area. They may be familiar with accessible housing. In my area, while we keep a list, of course this does not assure availability.

    Also contact the closest Independent Living Center (ILC) to see if they keep a list. Your Craig social worker or case manager should be helping you get in contact with these resources.

    In addition, it is nearly impossible to find housing that is specifically accessible in most areas. Features such as roll-in showers in apartments or houses are rare to non-existent. You need to be prepared to look for something that has no steps/stairs, or is easily rampable (such as 2-3 steps to the front door), single level, and then make your own modifications. This may be as simple as set-back hinges on doorways and addition of grab bars in the bathroom to widening door ways, or even completely remodeling the bathroom with roll-in shower, wall-hung sink, etc. Sometimes portable equipment such as sliding shower/tub chairs can overcome barriers such as tubs instead of stall or roll-in showers. If you are renting, many landlords will allow you to make basic modifications at your own expense as long as you promise to remove them when you move out (as crazy as that sounds).

    Are you looking to purchase or rent? For how many people (ie, number of bedrooms, etc.)? It would help to know your son's level of injury, since generally the higher the injury level, the more accessible features are needed.


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    I believe the Dayton area is gaining people due to BRAC this year or next. Combine that with many developers who stopped jobs in mid-build due to the economy and you have a great time to buy a house that can still be modified. Besides talking to Craig's people also check web sites for realtor/developers for the area. You may be able to find a few of the duplex/quadriplex type condos that are a ranch house without the shoveling and mowing. I'd also take a drive over to Wright-Patterson AFB to see if their housing office has anyone listing a modified home with their Housing Office in your area.
    And our house may not be searchable on Zillow but if you go through ranches in our area, Baltimore-Washington DC are, I have all the info updated on access in it and around the neighborhood.
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    call they are in ohio and might be able to help

    they own some apt too

    great pt too

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