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Thread: Lou Gehrig's disease patient: Brainstorm Cell treatment helped me

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    Lou Gehrig's disease patient: Brainstorm Cell treatment helped me

    Avichai Kremer is the first patient to be treated with Brainstorm Cell's drug, NurOwn, on the basis of a special approval.

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    "A successful treatment opens the $1 billion a year ALS market before the company."

    money money money - and it would be kinda nice to save the lives of those unfortunate people who get this disease

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    I just met a woman with ALS this past Wednesday. She has had it for 2 yrs and now her throat is paralyzed. She is very moble, but can't talk, eat or swallow. She has to have a feeding tube and must spit out all saliva. It is so sad....yet I asked her if she would trade places with me (since she walks perfectly fine now) and she nodded yes. Once again, God puts me in a situation where I must look at my injury and conclude that there really ARE worse things that could happen.

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    I attended a memorial service a couple weeks ago for a 48 year old friend who died from ALS. It's a cruel cruel disease.

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    Israeli Clinical Study Offers Hope to ALS Patients
    "Our 'trick' is causing the cells to differentiate so that they secrete proteins that are important for communication between muscles and nerves. Scientists think that in ALS there is a discontinuation of communication between muscle and nerve."

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    What hopefull news! My wife has lost her mother, a few aunts, uncles and distant cousins to ALS. Her maternal family, the Lawrences, are working on genetic research @ Univ. Of S. Illinois re: ALS due to so many instances in their bloodline.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Good news. Hope other patients also get recovery from this treatment.

    This treatment can work as neuronal replacement for lower spinal injuries too i guess.

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    BrainStorm readies ALS stem cell testing in U.S.
    “The ability to induce differentiation into neuronal-like cells, with delivery either into muscle tissue at the site of damage, the brain or into the spinal cord makes our technology highly attractive for treating ALS and Parkinson’s disease as well as multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury,” Dr. Harel contends. He adds, “We are focusing on CNS disorders only, and ALS is our first indication.”

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    "Proposed Trial Will Build on NurOwn™ Platform to Meet Unmet Needs of Patients with Neurodegenerative Disorders"

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    kivi, I notice they use mesenchymal cells for their therapy. I remember Dr Weissman of Stem Cell INc said that they didn't think those cells would work. who knows, just thought I'd mention it for our use.


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