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Ours has "Accountants do it with double entry" tattooed across her chest
I now get this joke as I'm taking accounting! Before I was like, uh I know that he is being perverted saying double entry, but what does that have to do with accountants, lol.

Sorry it took so long to update. I've read this thread and it's replies several times. Meeting with people that work in the field made me realize you all are a wealth of information. I don't think it's for me as I'm not thrilled with numbers and math. Also, I'm very social and do need more interaction and variety. I know that accounting is so much more than sitting behind a desk working on spreadsheets, but it's not my passion. I'm really good with people and helping.

I also took it upon myself to enroll in accounting courses I need for my minor and am really disliking it. Maybe it's because it's an eight week online course and I'm learning so much, so fast. It's hard and I'm struggling.

Looking into internships. Over half way through my degree so it's time to put myself out in the workforce to get a feel for things. (I've moved and switched schools a few times literally starting all over on credits/can't wait to be done with all this!)

Realllly thought and celebrated that I was done with mathematics for the rest of my college career. This term I somehow got stuck with accounting AND statistics courses. Somebody help me.