The other month I woke up with intense tingling sensations, like cold fire or hot water swirling up and down my arms and legs. My neck had been cocked back, half off the pillow. I almost fell out of bed with extreme shortness of breath, staggering, could not see straight. The tingling has continued since then, and my arms and legs are less sensitive to touch than they were.

A few days later I noticed a few muscles in my arms and legs were not working. A few days later I noticed my arms and legs had gotten skinnier. When flexing, some muscles stand out much more but the non-working muscles don't do anything. I have trouble walking, and everything feels heavier, even my arms by themselves. I've lost maybe 8 pounds in one month, and that's very unusual.

For two weeks I was constantly exhausted and could not sweat. Got chills during 85-degree weather. During that time, a "band" of numbness traveled up my body from knees to top of head. For 4 days I could not feel my groin area, front or back. Writing was impossible for a time.

Now, when I bend my neck down or back, I get instant fatigue, forgetting to breathe, tingling in my belly, with a feeling of relaxing going on inside, and a slight feeling of fever. Sometimes a burp comes up. Always, there's a burning inside my neck, sort of _behind_ my throat. There is a twitching feeling in my calves and forearms. Sense of taste is less, reading the computer is harder, there's a ringing in the ears.

The symptoms are worse in the morning and get slowly a little better as the day goes on, but as weeks go by I end up with overall more shrinkage in arm and leg muscles, and therefore less strength. I understand nerve damage is basically permanent after an unknown time, until it fixes itself and turns out to have been temporary, except when it stays permanent.

I'm terrified that this is a spinal cord issue of some kind, and doctors don't know what it is so it stays undiagnosed and untreated, and it's not getting better by itself, and they don't think it's urgent, even though physical therapists won't touch me because they "don't want to put me at risk". When they examine me they see effects that are "not normal and not good."

Can you advise as to what this might be, and what doctor near New Jersey might recognize this issue and provide some assistance or relief or _something_?

Thanks in advance,