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Thread: Ideas for positioning

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    Ideas for positioning

    My husband (T-7) has several pressure sores on his hips/ butt. The wound care center caused 2 of them (improper positioning while in the hyperbaric chamber). The best thing to do is to remove the pressure completely, but he also fractured his femur and has an external fixator (which sticks out of his leg so no laying on his stomach for him). We have a sleep number air bad and he has a roho cushion. My question is what types of positioning can we try to allow all wounds their due justice and best bet of healing, as well as to keep new ones from forming? Any (and I do mean ANY) advice will be welcomed!
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    No advice from experience, I have always had a few "safe" positions whenever I was dealing with this, but what about a mattress overlay? I mean one of the air ones, with a machine - not a foam one. I know I used that while I was in the hospital initially, and they were considering sending me home using it as well. It ended up not necessary (altho, since it took me another 6 months to heal the sore, I got in the hospital in the first place, I suspect I should have used it).

    I know I have seen it mentioned here, and with a broken leg, AND multiple sores, I can't imagine insurance would deny the expense?
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    Another option is for a mattress such as a dolphin or sand-filled clinitron. In clinitron beds, positioning is required to improve lung expansion but not for th wound per se. These beds are usually rented and area costly, but your insurance may cover, epecially if the patient is bedbound due to his/her sores.

    If you have to stick with the equipment you have, you can try to get him in a side lying position that ,with use of pillows, can keep him directly off those open areas as best you can.


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