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Thread: Hope or hoax? Paralyzed man puts faith in shark treatment

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    whythe hell not

    Why Not!!
    If they have the $$$, why the hell not! The FDA has stalled porcine zenotransplants, porcine, shark, what's the difference?
    What have ya got to lose! In the U.S., it's 10 years, if we are extremely lucky!!
    All therapies other than therapuetic cloning, will show the same disappointing results. shark, nose, pig, corpse, blubber, blood, this is all a shot in the dark.
    Nuclear cell transfer is the only valid hope! Of course in the U.S. it will be a new decade, at least, until this is even attempted under FDA guidelines.
    The christian right has fucked everything up!! While Bush's pea brain is in the white house, we will remain in chairs! I've fought, fundraised, lobbied, pleaded, begged, scolded, it's no use!
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    I have seen this before. Maybe 5 years ago. My neighbor went to Mexico for the (this cancer cure will work,bring money)And no it didn't work.I live in Sedona,AZ 3 hours away from mexico.If this worked I would have been there years ago.Reeves would have been and gone. This doctor has a website and takes credit cards. $200.000 If this worked I would be on this site beggggggging for money,please send my butt to mexico, I am so in need of being able to walk be

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    Did'nt work for the man on the moon either

    Andy Kaufman went to mexico for cancer treatments and he is no longer on this planet.

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    Andy Kaufman apparently went to Manila, not Mexico.


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    Andy's big splash with faith healers....

    was actually in the Philippines. I dealt with that element while I was there. I politely refused their faith healing services.

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    I would like to see more research done on this. I am a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic that was injured in 1996 from carrying a 500+ Lb person down a flight of stairs and blew out 2 discs in my back. Every Doctor I've talked to has said that with the medical procedures we have now, it is a 50/50 chance of the surgery helping my injury or making it hurt worse. Virtually all of the people I've talked to that has had the surgery said they wish they could go back and not get it as it just made their back worse. Of all the people I've spoken too that had the surgery, only 2 have said it helped. Right now they aren't many options for herniated discs that have much success.

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    This is a hoax perpetrated by a quack. No further research is needed on shark cartilage injections. The company above has been proven to be totally bogus. Note the date of the OP (2002) as well!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    This is a hoax perpetrated by a quack. No further research is needed on shark cartilage injections. The company above has been proven to be totally bogus. Note the date of the OP (2002) as well!!!


    I hope this is an end to this
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    Embryonic cells from a Blue shark,............ eat *&%$. In the '90s shark cartilage cured cancer also. Please god, let it end.

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