Our sad journey started on 8 of August 2011. My sister (34 years old - US greencard owner) and her friend (US citizen) came from Miami to Romania to celebrate my weeding. Sadly, this happiness end up with a car accident. From this accident, my sister end up with a very high spinal cord injury -at C2 level. She needed breath help -her friend is a paramedic in US and she managed to keep my sister alive till the ambulance came to scene. After few hours on a regional hospital she was sent to the biggest neurological hospital in Bucharest. Here she had a Halo equipment to stabilize her spine but no surgery - the doctors looked like waiting for her death. After two days in ICU unit on Bucharest we managed to arange a medical evacuation to Athens/Greece to a specialized hospital. In Greece she has a surgery with good results : the doctors managed to stabilize her spine using some metal plates and screws. She stayed there from 10 to 24 Aug. On 24 we managed again to find money for her transport back to US. *After a few emotions with the upcomming hurricane, they landed fine on Miami airport and transport her to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The doctors from there confirmed the previous diagnostic (C2 spinal cord injury -ASIA A). In the following thuesday they will send her to the rehab center. Her condition didn't improved at all : she still need a ventilator to breath and she is unable to feel/move nothing below the injury.* We still hope that the spinal cord shock is still in place and she will show some improvements soon -are we wrong or is still a chance that she, at least, will be able to breath by her own? Please give us any advice or show us some stories like her Excuse my bad English - hope that you guys will understand me