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Thread: Really dreadful food

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    Really dreadful food

    Denny's has introduced a new item to their menu.........Even I couldn't eat this!

    The Patty Melt stuffs mac n' cheese in between slices buttered, toasted potato bread -- and, for good measure, adds a ground beef patty, "zesty Frisco sauce" and more melted cheddar cheese. According to the Denny's website, the sandwich has 1690 calories and 99 grams of fat, 36 of them saturated. That's twice as many calories and eight more grams of fat than are in a stick of butter.

    Let's not give the minds at Denny's too much credit (or reproach) for their ingenuity -- they aren't the first ones to put macaroni and cheese in a sandwich, or to get media coverage as a result. A small deli in Montclair, NJ was featured in the New York Times for its Benny Mac sandwich, which crams mac n' cheese, fried chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce into a sandwich roll. And an episode of Man vs. Food featured Adam Richman chowing down on a Fat Sandy from Sarasota, FL restaurant Munchies 4:20. The grinder outdoes its new Denny's rival by including french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders and two burger patties -- all underneath a giant heap of macaroni and cheese.

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    "Denney's is the restaurant people find themselves at without originally planning on going there"

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    The Patty Melt needs some bacon!

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