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Thread: Watch TLC Tonight!!

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    Watch TLC Tonight!!

    The Learning Channel (TLC) is having a show on cloning tonight... Talks about stem cell research for Spinal Cord injuries... Starts at 9 pm central time.... How to Build A human is the name of the Show...

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    Is that the show with Prof. Robert Winston? The big with the big 'tash?

    If so, the series ran here in the UK some time ago and was very good. But there again, I like all the documentaries he does.


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    I saw the program and thought it was pretty good.

    They didn't focus on SCI, of course, but they did have a segment on a Doctor from Texas who suffered a SCI himself and is very hopefully about SCNT & ESC technology.

    There was no mention of anything OTHER than ESC, SCNT & some human cloning possibilities.

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    After watching that last night it seems to me that we are a long ways off from being cured that way... Dang it...

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