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Thread: Is Central Pain a somatization syndrome

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejerine View Post

    You should see some of the "I am vitally concerned about America's Health" form letters I get back from Congressional aides. Now THEY are funny. Harkin from Iowa is the only one who ever said anything real.
    i am pleased to hear this. i think Harkin is one of the few with a clue through experience in family.

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    Hi Hip Crip

    That is really an excellent idea. To include Central Pain under the Orphan Drug Act.

    First we have to have Central Pain taken off "The Illegitimate Looney-birds are Totally Making It Up List". You have to exist to be an orphan. The drug companies will not be able to make any money curing active imaginations (spinal cord injury being well known for its ability to remarkably increase mental activity, like blind people supposedly can smell so much better). as in "I do not want to be pitied for being paralyzed, so I will make up severe pain, so that people will totally ignore me instead."--that point where the mind snap of post traumatic stress makes you snap further and you suddenly DO WANT MORE STRESS, and of course what could be more stressful than intractable pain.

    If I used too many words in that paragraph, just think "mind/body"

    Humans who claim to see, feel, or hear things which no other human experiences, and for which there is no accurate language tend to have a hard time making any headway. Clearly, the universe of reality is confined to what normal, upstanding, respectable citizens hear feel and see; or at least what they can MEASURE. Having failed on all those counts, central pain does not really exist. In other words, we are all cured. You're welcome--it was nothing, really.

    I have written to a publisher of the leading neurology text asking them where is the chapter, or even a mention, of central pain. I just read another new neurology text and it is not in there either.

    If John Bonica and Patrick Wall were still alive these neurology authors could not get away with failing to mention it. I really find it distressing that they do not know about it. I suspect we should maybe write a letter to every department chairman of a neurology residency and ask them to include at least one lecture to the residents on the topic. No doubt part of the problem is that the sensations of central pain have no precise words for expression. One consequence of this is that they are now attempting to collapse Central Pain under the general topic of Neuropathic Pain. This is like saying we will understand an "elephant" under the general term, "African herbivore"; or "dirigible" under "balloon". If we just had vernacular for dysesthetic burning, this would not happen. OR, if we had something to measure pain.
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    It's a torture syndrome. And it tortures me more each day (because somehow I get worse each day), and takes away more of what little function I have as it spreads upward.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I've said it all along.....I don't exist it stands to reason the dam CP does'nt exist either!

    All made up in my head, that's good to know! I never realized I was that creative! Who in the hell could ever dream up this the places it occurs....and the way it occurs!

    I guess I'll just go back to my dream world.....and dream up some more! I'm having so much fun tonight!
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    those of us in this pain have no need of proclaiming its existence amongst ourselves. it is hell. dej, i thought the brain scans like in the pain chronicles book proved it? and i don't understand, in layman's terms, the distinction between central and neuropathic pain.

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    Интересная те

    Весьма любопытно, спасибо!

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    That's what i said last night about 4 am. I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    i don't understand, in layman's terms, the distinction between central and neuropathic pain.
    Central pain, as the name suggests, is pain that's caused by damage to or dysfunction of the nerves in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

    Neuropathic pain occurs when peripheral nerves in the skin, bone and muscles that enable us to detect touch, temperature, pain, and position [somatosensory] nerves are damaged by disease or trauma.

    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    Without getting too mired in semantics, I would amend THC's comment and would replace "neuropathic pain" with the term "peripheral neuropathic pain".

    One could make a case for the term "Neuropathic Pain" is inclusive of both "Central Pain" and "Peripheral Neuropathic Pain".

    I hope/am sure the Professor will pipe in here to straighten it this out in simple, easy to understand language {smiling}.

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    My neuro includes central pain as a category within the general classification, "neuropathic pain" - she calls peripheral pain "peripheral neuropathy." I don't know if that's academically correct, but it's how she explained the terms to me.

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