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Thread: Keeping 'IT' clean

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    Keeping 'IT' clean

    This is a little embarrassing, but I want to know how you ladies keep yourself clean smelling fresh in you vaginal areas. Sitting in the chair causes me to sweat a lot.

    Anyone else facing this problem?

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    I use baby wipes often, especially in hot weather.

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    There are feminine wipes by Summer's Eve. I have found that those work well and are not messy.

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    I too have the same problem, I use flushable wipes when I get sweaty, that seems to work for me and also cotton underwear.

    The warm weather seems to cause more moisture also, I have even used some baby powder just a sprinkle only on the forest area up high not to get near bottom of underwear so no risk of gettimg uti.

    I get my wipes at walmart, I buy the big plastic bag then take a few out and keep them in a small baggy in my purse, It helps if you need a quick fixup.
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    I only have smell probs when a uti is about to be known.

    wipes are good. so are unscented panty liners.

    cathing pretty much assures its not a clean area problem, at least for me. it is usually the beginning of a uti, yeast problem, or leaking.

    make sure you have good bacteria, eat yogurt, or acidoliphulus milk.
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    Everyday I have my yogurt , even keep those littleclick 6 pack of yogurt out in my shop fridge .
    It is healthy ,

    I use simple unscented moist wipes

    Plus I Drink plenty of fresh water

    Sitting long in the chair I try very hard to stay as dry as I can because this stupid horrible heat spell does not make anything easier .

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    I have a toilet seat bidet. Every time I use the toilet, I use the water cleansing function. Both the toilet seat and the water can be heated or not. The remote control has buttons for washing anterior and posterior genital areas and you can adjust how far forward you want the water, or how far back.

    It takes a few days to get used to the strong water flow hitting sensitive areas (it kind of tickles), but it is probably the most useful thing I've bought post SCI. Even if I were cured tomorrow, I would continue to use the bidet.

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    Keep shaven, the hair makes it worse

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