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Thread: Current research for CHRONIC SCI

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    Talking Current research for CHRONIC SCI

    This is what is going on at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center for CHRONIC SCI.

    The CST/pTEN Project: Steward Research Group. The goal is to develop a clinically translatable strategy to induce regeneration of the corticospinal tract (CST) after spinal cord injury.

    Restoring Bladder function after spinal cord injury: Havton Research Group. The goal is to develop therapies to restore bladder function following spinal cord injury. Part of this effort involves the use of embryonic stem cells.

    Novel therapies for neuropathic pain: Luo Research Group in collaboration with Steward Research Group. The goal is to identify molecular pathways that can be targeted therapeutically to treat neuropathic pain.

    Retraining the injured nervous system to enhance recovery: Reinkensmeyer Research Group. The goal is to develop practical and efficient re-training techniques that use robotic devices in order to restore/improve function following nervous system injury.

    The Scar project: Keirstead Research Group. The goal is to use embryonic stem cells to reverse the glial scar in chronic spinal cord injury to render the injury site receptive for repair strategies.

    Human neural stem cells (HNSCs) for nervous system repair: Anderson and Cummings Research Groups. The goal is to develop ways to promote repair using HNSCs that differentiate on their own into different cells types, focusing particularly on the potential for repair in chronic and cervical SCI.
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    thanks. but the million dollar question.... when?

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    Great info.....and at least they have a "plan".

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    Five years.
    NO! JUST JOKING! Bad joke, but I couldn't help it. : ]

    I don't know.
    Karen M
    C 3/4 inc. central cord
    10/29/1992 - 18 years, but who counts?

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    Wonderful Karen! That's some heavy duty good stuff for a change! Fantastic! Thanks so much for letting us know all about this great research going on.
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    Any idea on how far they are on bladder restoration?
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