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Thread: How do you manage at the salon?

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    I always transfer, it's more comfortable for me. I also transfer when getting the cut, because then they can move me up and down as needed. Want to make sure I get the best cut possible!

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    I’m in a power chair and I lean forward when I go to a salon. My mothers hairdresser, whom she has gone to for more than 25 years, just switched salons and the sinks are terrible. They’re the European style where the sink is high from the floor and the chair is not only stationary to the sink but doesn’t raise up and down. My mother is severely osteoporotic and consequently has lost quite a bit of height. I told the owner that her salon was not only inaccessible to persons with disabilities but to some of the elderly as well. I guess when one of her seniors’ falls from coming off the higher chair maybe then she will put one in. In the mean time, thankfully her hairdresser comes to the house to do my mothers hair.

    Even though I go to a salon to have my hair dyed, I installed a hairdresser sink in my bathroom a few years back. It works out well on days I don’t shower and need my hair washed; not to mention my mother now puts it to use for her hair. I highly recommend, if you have space and can afford it, to have one installed

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    I transfer without a sliding board from my manual chair, but it can be a little difficult because the armrests of the chairs in the salon I go to do not move out of the way in any direction. I went just yesterday for a relaxer after having had braids in for 2 months (couldn't take them out because my mom had surgery and couldn't sit or stand long enough to take them out).

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    i have been to salon for hair colour many times..and luckily i was on my wheelchair for whole process as ppl in salon managed to fit plastic sheet to the sink to wash hairs when i lean my head backwards. thick towel is tucked on shoulders. In the process of washing hairs,it needs couple of ppl to hold sheet properly. Thats it. so far have been following this from years for straightning hairs or coloring hairs with same saloon etime.

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    My current salon has the nasty chairs affixed to the sink. I went there mainly because of Amanda who not only cut and touched my hair up but could, and would, also wax my legs. She has 2 disabled family members and knows we like to look good too. Since she left, well, the new waxer isn't 'comfortable' working with the mobility impaired. I'll be looking for a place with a removalable chair where I can roll in forward in my manual chair and lean forward for wash, color, rinse. Hopefully another Amanda lives in Madison, WI.
    I also wash my hair alone at home sometimes by rolling under my sink and using the following faucet type for wetting/rinsing my hair. I currently have a Delta but they discontinues these types. Check the smaller pics in the lower left:
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    My mother has a power chair. She has us remove the head rest, and slightly tilts the chair (it has tilt in space and power recline). She goes to SuperCuts and they just push their salon chair out of the way for her and she backs up to the sink. She just gets a wash and cut, not a dye job, but it should work the same way.

    At home she has a shampoo "cape" we can use at the sink, or we fully recline her chair and drape with plastic, and wash her hair in the roll-in shower area (if she justs wants a shampoo and not a full shower).

    this is about what we do for my friend with Ms, she played a trick, and when I went to visit, she had dyed her her same color as mine. dark brown, and she has always been blond or light.
    Her cargiver does the coloring, and they do theirs together at one of her bathtime. it isnt like having the solon dyes though, but they save money. I was thinking of letting mine go.

    I need to do mine, I noticed it isnt just a patch of grey anymore.

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    When I do my touch ups I'll just pivot in my chair and throw a rolled up towel between my lower back and the tire in order to lean my shoulders back on the bench part of my shower bench, with my hair free to rinse. I don't know if that makes sense. At the salon, depending on the height of the bowl, I'll either scoot forward in my seat which will allow me to slouch/lean back more, or I'll just pivot with my legs over the wheel like I do at home.
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    Tilt/recline power chair that I use outside.

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    Most of the salons I go to the sink is about the same highth of my wc so I can just lay my head back and let them wash it and most of the time I let them cut my hair while I'm in my wc.
    Most of the time I wash my hair before I go so they don't have to wash it.

    If I have someone with me they help me get in the salon chair if they can lower the chair.
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    I'm T-10. When I get my hair done I stay in my chair and just scooch down and hang my head back over the wash tub. I cross my legs so they don't spread out while I'm scooched down for the wash part. When they cut my hair I stay in my chair and they just move their chair out of the way. I have stayed in my chair during pedicures also and just put my feet in from the side (on an end chair). Lately I've been transferring in to the chair for pedicures though. We had a new day spa open in my neighborhood and the chair is very easy to transfer too.
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