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Thread: How do you manage at the salon?

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    Do salons have to have an easy transfer type chair if it is attached to the sink under the ADA? I much prefer staying in my chair and leaning forward into the sink.
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    When I was younger I transferred to the salon chair. About 5 years ago I started doing the lean forward with my face in the sink. Last year I came across the Comfort-Cape & decided to give it a try. So far I am really happy with it. It's a little different (not harder) for my hairdresser since my head is higher, but she is fine with it.
    I back up to the sink, hook the strap around my neck and lean my head back a little. It's not uncomfortable at all, I don't get wet and my make-up doesn't get smeared or wiped off like it did when I leaned forward with a towel.

    They have a pretty good website with info and photos...

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    There was a wonderful lady in my area who owned a hair salon since 1980. I had gone to her for a long time since I was a baby. She was so wonderful with me. Sadly she lost the lease on her hair salon in 2006, and started doing hair in her clients' homes. She even came to my house a couple of times to do my hair. She would wash my hair at the kitchen sink with me leaning over face down into the basin. The sad thing is, she recently was diagnosed with cancer, and had to retire.

    There's a salon I go to down the street from my house, and there is a wonderful woman there named Amanda that I always try to request when I get my hair cut. She moves the salon chair out of the way, and cuts my hair right from my wheelchair. The salon doesn't include hair washing in getting a hair cut. Unless I requested it. But, Amanda is so good with me. I have a hearing aid that I have to take off when I get my hair cut as I'm profoundly deaf in my left ear, and she always knows that she has to be on my right side when she talks to me because she knows that's the only ear I can hear out of.

    I'm due for another hair trim soon, and I'm going to make another trip down to the salon to see Amanda.

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    I'm in a power chair and transfer to shower chair using two person lift. Once finished I remain in my chair for the rest of time -- cut, blow dry, or roll and set.

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