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Thread: How do you manage at the salon?

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    How do you manage at the salon?

    I'm a quad in desperate need of a dye job for my gray hair. Until now, my mom (a retired hairdresser) has been coming to my house to do it. It's great, because she can just dye my hair while I'm sitting on my shower chair in the shower. She can't manage a visit for a couple of months, though, and my roots are looking really bad.

    How do you ladies manage at the hairdresser--especially when they need to wash your hair? Do you just use a sliding board to transfer to the reclining chair in front of the sink, or do you have some other, easier way to handle it?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Have you tried to find a mobile hairdresser. I found one in my area..and he he comes to my home and does my whole family..and is great.

    I am sure CA will have them. perhaps look in your local craigslist? search hairdresser? I found one like this not sure if it is your area:
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    If in a manual, I roll up facing the sink, hook my arms around push handles & lean forward - not very comfortable, but it works.
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    i've just transferred in the past. but i hate others touching my head so now i do my own hair lol
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    I let a friend do it at home.
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    I've transferred with a sliding board when using my manual chair. If you use a powerchair you can tilt all the way back into the sink. My stylist has a board that acts as an extention if your head doesn't reach the sink. It has a little cutout for your neck.

    I never sit in the salon's chair for the whole process regardless. Too uncomfortable. They can move their chair out of the way and I roll up. Then when it's time to wash I transfer.

    Wish more stylists could do hair from home. There are some rules and regulations though.
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    I'm with "alissa"--from manual chair, face sink and lean forward

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    My mother has a power chair. She has us remove the head rest, and slightly tilts the chair (it has tilt in space and power recline). She goes to SuperCuts and they just push their salon chair out of the way for her and she backs up to the sink. She just gets a wash and cut, not a dye job, but it should work the same way.

    At home she has a shampoo "cape" we can use at the sink, or we fully recline her chair and drape with plastic, and wash her hair in the roll-in shower area (if she justs wants a shampoo and not a full shower).


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    I have a friend who is a hairdresser come by, so no ideas on the salon.
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    My wife did it just the way KLD described - back up * tilt.
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