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Thread: Very Worried about my AD

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    During surgery did they do a spinal tap to control AD or how do they control AD while having surgery and in recovery. Do they use a special anesthesia? I think this is one of my greater fears if I ever have to do surgery.
    The surgery is usually done with general anesthesia, with the anesthesiologist monitoring blood pressure and managing any AD blood pressure elevation with medications, or using an anesthetic that includes sympathetic ganglionic blocking agents. Prior to any surgery, anyone who is at risk for AD should have a discussion with the intended anesthesiologist about their knowledgeable about and plan for management of any AD that occurs in either the surgery or recovery room, and with their surgeon about plans for manage it during the rest of the recovery period, as AD can continue during the same time during which an able bodied person would need to be taking pain medications for incisional pain.


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    Thanks, SCI-Nurse. I'll find the appropriate forum. Mike

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