A friend of mine from this forum has recently told me that there are quite a few medical professionals from the world of sci who linger, read, and digest what is written and said here at CareCure. That being the case I decided to pen a little note that may help to reinforce the message of hope, urgency and motivation towards a cure for sci.

Btw, just a couple of stats that I find interesting. Every year in this country there are approximately 10,000 new sci injuries. That's about one every 50 minutes or 27 a day. Unfortunately our numbers keep growing.

10,000 more looking for a cure
Thrust into a life that is so unsure

Fighting and scratching for an inch of return
Not understanding the buzz and the burn

For paralysis is mean, its message true
An equal opportunity injury that happens out of the blue

But with all its complexity and all of its pain
The spirit of the sufferers does not wane

Because we believe in the future and its ideals
Can deliver our bodies and disregard these wheels

We push and we prod do drive the possibility
Of shedding the life we know as disability

Our hope has no bounds but it is an emergency
For all to realize the potential and the urgency

Please help us now, we all want to walk
We're dying to find the next Jonas Salk


Onward and Upward!