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Thread: Sweating only on one side of body

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    Sweating only on one side of body

    I am 27 and i have been facing this issue since a few years now. I sweat unevenly i.e on right leg, left under arm, right waist. this is wierd. although i do not sweat excessively. I only sweat when i am out in hot weather.

    I do not have any other issues because of this. No pain, irritation or anything. Is this normal? Pls help

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury or disease? Since your profile is blank, it is difficult to advise with nothing to go on.


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    In 1992, I started sweating unevenly especially when I jogged. Also, one side of my face turned red from jogging and the other didn't.

    I was diagnosed with a syrinx from C2-T11.

    Also, my sweating was on one side on the top of my body and the opposite side on my lower body.
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    @ SCI Nurse- Thanks for the reply. No i never had a injury or disease. I have never been on any severe medication before. Also i don not sweat extensively. Very normally...when i out in heat or play.. I ignored this thing since many years but i was suddenly curious to know why this happens and so researched on internet. Most of them said it is not normal. So i started worrying.

    I am 5.2" and weigh 42 kgs. (I am thin but that is mom was also very thin).

    @josieand1- So how are you doing now? are you still on medication?
    Yes even my sweating happens just like you. but its only when i am in heat or when i am playing. I never have red face though.

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    Well, you do realize that these CareCure forums are primarily for people with spinal cord injuries or diseases, right?

    Abnormal sweating patterns can be a symptom of some neurologic diseases, especially those that effect the sympathetic nervous system. I would suggest you see a good neurologist to see if they can determine what is going on with you.


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